Secure Flexible Financing for Male Fertility Treatments

With these financing options, anyone can get the fertility care they deserve.


Posterity Health’s Financing Partner: Future Family

At Posterity Health, our goal is and always has been to help couples have healthy babies. Getting to that point is not always a cut-and-dry process. Millions of Americans are affected by infertility issues and, unfortunately, proper fertility care and treatments may not be accessible due to financial constraints. That’s why we have partnered with Future Family to provide flexible male financing for fertility treatments and services.

Whether you’re looking for affordable IVF loans or financing for a vasectomy reversal, we can help you secure the male fertility treatment financing solution that you need through our partner.

Future Family Financing


Future Family is the smart way to pay for male fertility treatments. This company was founded by Claire Tomkins – who personally went through IVF – with the goal of supporting fertility patients on their journey to conception.

They offer customized loans which are designed to save you time and money. These financing solutions combine all your treatment costs into one easy monthly payment that is easy to manage and easy to understand! In fact, you can secure funding of up to $50,000 in less than 48 hours through our partner, Future Family.

In addition, with a Future Family loan, you also enjoy on-demand fertility coaching support from Registered Nurses, who are here to answer any questions you may have. Pair that with the male fertility support that you’ll receive at Posterity Health and you’ll have all the resources that you need for a successful pregnancy.


Benefits of a Future Family Fertility Loan:

  • Low-interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Personalized to your specific needs and treatments
  • Can include fertility-related costs, such as medications, lab fees, donor fees, etc.
  • All treatment costs simplified into one easy payment
  • Easy bill-pay management
  • Personalized on-demand support from a dedicated Fertility Coach to include medication training, onboarding, and Q&A sessions
  • Financing options can include a friend or family member

How To Apply for Financing for Fertility Treatments

If you’re seeking male fertility treatments, it’s a good idea to explore your options for financing solutions. You can actually apply for male fertility treatment financing directly through Posterity Health! All we need to do is gather some basic information and we’ll get your prequalified in no time.
Prequalifying for financing is easy. It’s free, takes less than 2 minutes, and won’t impact your credit score.

Secure Male Fertility Treatment Financing Today

Are you looking for IVF loans? Or are you ready to reverse your vasectomy? We can help at Posterity Health.

As a leading digital male fertility clinic, our skilled male fertility experts can provide the fertility treatment services that you need to optimize your reproductive health. And through our partnership with Future Family, we can help you get the treatments and fertility services that you need at an affordable price point.

Schedule a FREE 10-minute call with Posterity Health today to learn more about your options for male fertility financing options.