Sperm Cryopreservation in Dallas

At Posterity Health, we offer sperm freezing to keep the door open to having kids in the future.


Freeze Sperm at Home to Preserve Your Future Fertility  

Do you want to grow your family down the line? If so, it’s a good idea to freeze sperm now rather than later. Sperm cryopreservation is a great option for many, especially those who are undergoing any medical treatments that could negatively affect their sperm. At Posterity Health, we’ve made it easy to freeze sperm in Dallas with an at home collection kit.

Unlike other local options for sperm preservation, we offer a diligent level of service to navigate you through the entire sperm cryopreservation process so you experience the best possible outcome.

Should I Freeze Sperm in Dallas?

It’s wise for any male to preserve their fertility by freezing sperm, no matter what their age may be. However, certain individuals should make it a high priority to freeze sperm sooner rather than later. These situations include:

  • Age (Over 35) – Did you know that sperm quality can start to decline once you pass the age of 40? This can make things challenging for you when trying to conceive later in life.
  • Cancer – If you’ve recently received a cancer diagnosis, it’s a good idea to explore options to freeze sperm near you. This way, you gain peace of mind about your future family-building prospects after your cancer treatments or procedures.
  • Gender-affirming therapy – If you’re seeking treatments to transition, such as hormonal therapy or surgeries, make sure you freeze sperm in advance to ensure you have options in the future.

If these categories are not applicable for you, it never hurts to freeze sperm now so you have peace of mind down the line.

What Do We Include in our Fertility Preservation Service?

We believe that every male deserves to gain peace of mind about their current and future fertility. That’s why our Fertility Preservation service includes more than just freezing and storing your semen.

We offer a safe, affordable, and accessible sperm preservation package that is specifically designed to be informative, streamlined, and above all else, personalized. It includes three important services:

  1. Fertility Preservation Introduction
  2. Sample Collection, Evaluation, & Testing
  3. A Fertility Preservation Review

Sperm Preservation Introduction

To start the process of freezing your sperm, Posterity Health will take the time to first learn about you and understand your story in-depth. We’ll schedule a 30-minute Fertility Preservation Introduction via telehealth with you. During that appointment, we’ll pair you with one of our male fertility specialists who will then take the time to get to know you and your situation. They’ll dive into the reasons why you want to freeze sperm in Dallas, and how we can best support your long-term fertility goals. We always encourage you to include your partner on this telehealth introduction so you’re both informed at every step of the process.

During your telehealth consultation, we will additionally take steps to educate you on all things related to sperm cryopreservation. We’ll discuss things like:

  • The specifics of the sperm preservation process (e.g., testing, freezing, thawing, etc.)
  • Situations when it’s best to bank multiple samples of sperm to best support your long-term family building goals
  • Available options and key considerations for the use of cryopreserved sperm including intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor eggs, and/or use of a gestational carrier (surrogacy)

Testing and Freezing Your Sperm

Once we’ve concluded your telehealth appointment, we’ll send you an at-home kit for testing your sperm and freezing it.

Unlike alternative options to freeze sperm in Dallas, we always assess each semen sample from our patients to ensure the sperm is healthy for future use. Your semen analysis will provide accurate quantitative data and functional information about the health of your sample.

We then work with a partner lab to freeze your sperm, and then thaw a small portion of your deposit. This testing process allows us to learn how your sperm will survive the freeze-thaw process and how your sample can be used in the future. We’ll also learn if we need to plan for you to freeze and store more samples depending on your family building goals. From there, we can proceed with our safe and secure storage process.

Our Fertility Preservation package includes 1 at-home kit and 1 year of storage at our partner’s FDA-approved storage site. Yes, you read that right: you can freeze sperm at home with our Preservation package. Discounts may be applied for candidates who require additional kits for more cycles of freezing.

Is Freezing Sperm Safe?

Absolutely! The fertility preservation process is 100% safe and non-invasive. Your samples can be completed from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to seek out in-person clinics near you.

Our patients always wonder why we conduct the freeze-thaw test, and the answer is simple: it’s the only way to understand how your sperm will respond to the freezing process. If more than 90% of your sperm dies during the freeze-thaw, additional samples will be needed. We need to ensure you have enough quality sperm stored to build the future family that you want.

Your Follow-Up Review Appointment

At our company, we have one simple goal: to help you and your partner have a healthy baby when you’re both ready. To help us achieve that goal, we round out every fertility preservation experience with a follow-up telehealth appointment with one of our male fertility doctors (usually the same physician you’ve worked with earlier).

In this half-hour telehealth visit, we’ll break down the results of your semen analysis into easy-to-understand details and we’ll dive into your freeze-thaw test as well. This conversation will help you understand what those test results mean for your future fertility. For example, it may be possible that your semen analysis was abnormal. In that situation, our team will work diligently to figure out the cause of the abnormal results and develop a custom treatment plan to improve your sperm health. During your telehealth follow-up, we will discuss potential causes for that failure and facilitate freezing of additional samples to ensure you have peace of mind about your ability to have kids down the road.

As we wrap up our telehealth session, we’ll provide recommendations to best support your overall fertility and family-building plan. We will also cover how to best connect with you down the line when you are ready to start that family, so we can move in the right direction quickly for you.

For Your Own Posterity, Freeze Sperm in Dallas Today

At Posterity Health, we will give you confidence that your sperm will be safe and ready to use when you need it. Our structured and detailed approach to male fertility preservation is entirely based on your needs, your future, and your kids’ future. Our specialists strive to deliver the best possible outcome for every patient. Whether you’re starting to receive gender-affirming therapy, cancer treatments, or just want to have a backup plan for your future, we can help meet your reproductive health needs.

Contact Posterity Health today for a free 10-minute consultation with our male fertility experts.