Male Fertility Workup

Get reliable answers about your abnormal semen analysis results and learn what you can do to enhance your fertility.


Address Male Infertility in Dallas with our Detailed Workup and Treatment Plan


If you’ve received an abnormal semen analysis, you might be confused about your results. Believe it or not, abnormal semen analyses are actually quite common. In over 50% of infertility cases in couples trying to conceive, the male is either a contributing factor or the sole cause. Many different factors can cause infertility in males from health conditions to genetics and more. The good news is that the majority of abnormal semen analyses can be improved or corrected with the right guidance, support, and medical treatment. At Posterity Health, we can help address male infertility in Dallas and all across the country.

If you are interested in boosting your chances of conceiving a healthy child with your partner, our Male Fertility Workup will provide the roadmap and support that you need.

Male Fertility Workup: What is It?


Our Male Fertility Workup service is a specially designed approach to evaluating your reproductive health. We’ve structured our process to be comprehensive and personalized to each individual. It includes a great deal of educational resources and a detailed action plan to improve male infertility. In Dallas, we’ll develop a custom male fertility plan for you that will be comprised of three separate stages:

  1. An initial evaluation
  2. A physical exam or ultrasound
  3. And a treatment plan

Your Initial Male Fertility Evaluation

We begin every workup with an Initial Evaluation. During this virtual appointment, our male fertility specialist will conduct a review of your abnormal semen analysis results with you. Then we will ask you to complete an intake questionnaire that covers a wide variety of topics including your background, your health, and more. We’ll even touch on lesser-known factors that may be affecting your sperm health and your fertility.

We’ve structured these questions to help us understand things like your medical history, your reproductive history, your partner’s history, and more. Next, we’ll review your semen analysis in greater detail to better understand your results and how they relate to your personal health and history. Our male fertility specialist will look for any contributing factors that may be causing your abnormal semen analysis, such as:

  • Lifestyle and behavioral habits
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medications and their side effects
  • Genetic conditions
  • Medical conditions
  • Previous surgeries

Once we have identified all potential contributing factors, we will determine if additional diagnostic testing may be necessary and what those tests may be. Regardless, we will close out the telehealth appointment by providing you with an initial male fertility treatment plan. This evaluation can be completed either in-person in Dallas or virtually.

Your Male Fertility Physical Exam or Ultrasound

We will follow up our findings with a quick in-person physical exam with one of our male fertility specialists. This 5-minute physical is easy, non-invasive, and is designed to quickly “check underneath the hood” for any physical traits or anatomical reasons that may contribute to your abnormal semen analysis.

If you would rather avoid an in-person physical exam, we can schedule a Scrotal Ultrasound instead to be conducted at a local imaging facility.

Your Male Fertility Treatment Plan

If we determine that any additional diagnostic tests are needed, we will schedule another meeting (either in-person or virtually) with one of our physicians to go over your new test results. Our male fertility specialists are highly trained to provide accurate interpretations of the lab’s results and finalize the list of your contributing factors. We will also revisit your treatment plan to determine how to best address your infertility.

At Posterity Health, we are firm believers in bringing equity to fertility health care. As such, we always encourage both partners to attend the meetings with our physicians so both of you can be equally informed and on the same page. In addition, we can easily align your treatment plan with any other fertility treatments that your partner is exploring.

Once we wrap up your Male Fertility Workup, you’ll walk away with a clear path forward to help you and your partner achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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Have you received an abnormal semen analysis? We can help you uncover the answers that you need about your fertility from the privacy and convenience of your home. We streamlined our process to make the workup as fast, convenient, and affordable as possible.

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