Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation

Posterity Health will help you uncover if a male fertility issue contributed to your lost pregnancies and explore steps to help you and your partner maintain a healthy pregnancy.


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment in Dallas

Few things are as exciting or life-changing as receiving a positive pregnancy test when you’ve trying to conceive! Unfortunately, many couples experience feelings of devastation when a miscarriage occurs or an IVF cycle fails. After investing so much time, energy, emotion, and money into your conception journey, it’s important to uncover the causes of your pregnancy loss. Our male fertility specialists at Posterity Health can help you determine if sperm quality is a contributing factor and provide guidance for an effective recurrent pregnancy loss treatment near you.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: What Is It and How Can It Be Treated?

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is clinically defined as experiencing two or more miscarriages or one failed in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.

Numerous factors may contribute to RPL, such as hormonal issues, egg quality or uterine lining. Sperm quality can also be a major contributing factor for RPL. In a majority of cases, factors from both partners contribute to the pregnancy loss.

To successfully carry a baby to term, sperm quality is important. Male infertility factors like poor sperm morphology (i.e., the size and shape) and fragmentation of DNA inside the sperm, can lead to recurrent pregnancy loss. Treatment is available for many of these infertility factors and many can actually be reversed.

At Posterity heatlh, we offer a recurrent pregnancy loss consultation service that will assess for male factor infertility. It includes a full fertility evaluation for the male partner and an opportunity to discuss your situation in-depth with one of our specialists.

Our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation and Treatment


Believe it or not, Posterity Health is the only clinic in Dallas and one of the few across the U.S. that offers RPL consultations for males. We specialize each consultation to the unique needs and experiences of the couple to find the most appropriate male fertility treatment. In our RPL consultation, we include:

  1. An in-depth review of your personal history and your reproductive history
  2. A physical exam or scrotal ultrasound
  3. Diagnostic testing, as appropriate (e.g., semen analysis, DNA fragmentation testing, etc.)
  4. A follow-up telehealth discussion of our findings and recommendations, including a treatment plan, as needed

History Review of the Male Partner

To appropriately address any and all causes of recurrent pregnancy loss, our male fertility specialists need to understand the full personal and reproductive history of the male partner. At your initial consultation, you’ll meet virtually with one of our male fertility specialists. We always encourage your partner to attend this consultation as well, to keep you both informed and united.

Through a series of questions, we will develop a comprehensive understanding of your history and your reproductive health. We’ll touch on things like:

  • Medical issues and past surgeries
  • Reproductive history
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviors

The Physical Exam  

Our next step will take place in a private medical setting with one of our experienced reproductive urologists. This exam is simply a quick “look under the hood” to assess for any types of physical abnormalities/concerns that could be contributing to male factor infertility. If needed, our physicians can order a scrotal ultrasound in lieu of the physical exam.

Diagnostic Testing

Every case of recurrent pregnancy loss is different and, in some cases, a semen analysis may not be necessary. However, it’s an important evaluation and a critical step of our process. Your semen analysis provides a baseline assessment of your sperm quality and assesses many different factors (e.g., morphology, volume, etc.). Depending on the results of the semen analysis, additional diagnostic testing may be ordered. Our fertility specialists may schedule testing to check for DNA fragmentation in your sperm.

Once we have the data on your sperm health, we can then discuss options for recurrent pregnancy loss treatment.

Your Follow-Up Appointment

We conclude each RPL consultation service with a final telehealth appointment with your assigned male fertility specialist. During this appointment, we’ll discuss the results of your tests and assessments, outline any male factors contributing to RPL, and provide accurate recommendations on next steps for recurrent pregnancy loss treatment in Dallas. You’ll walk away with the knowledge and resources you need to get the best possible outcome for you and your partner.

Schedule Your Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation in Dallas Today

We have worked with patients all across the country to help them find the appropriate recurrent pregnancy loss treatment for their needs. At Posterity Health, we are driven to help couples build healthy families and we understand how devastating failed pregnancies can be. That’s why we strive to provide the answers you need about your fertility status so you and your partner can get on the right track for your future.

If you and your partner have experienced RPL, please schedule an RPL consultation with Posterity Health today.