Second Opinions

Talk to a professional reproductive urologist in Dallas for advice, education, and guidance to help you manage your reproductive health.


Second Opinions: Gain Clarity on your Fertility with Reproductive Urologists Near You

Patients from all over Texas and the rest of the country come to Posterity Health for a second opinion regarding their fertility status. Many of our patients have worked closely with general urologists for several months and have sought out our male fertility specialists to get a second set of eyes on their test results. We’re focused solely on male fertility at Posterity Health and have gained a reputation as experts in this niche. Our reproductive urologists in Dallas share a goal to provide the highest quality care to patients by using the latest techniques and technologies.

If you have questions about your recent diagnosis, semen analysis results, or want help exploring alternative treatments for male fertility, we’ll pair you with an experienced reproductive urologist in Dallas to get the answers you need.

Get a Second Opinion on Your Reproductive Health

At Posterity Health, we are fully dedicated to male fertility, there’s no male fertility issue that is too complex for our team.


Our specialists provide virtual or in-person second opinion consultations on a large range of things including:

  • Semen analysis results
  • Fertility treatment plans
  • Planned procedures (e.g., vasectomy reversals, hormone abnormalities, etc.)
  • General questions about your ability to improve sperm quality and find the right path to conception

Here’s a snapshot of how our male fertility experts approach second opinions.

Review Your Medical History 

In order to fully understand your sperm quality and your reproductive health, we make sure to review your medical records in detail. Your personal situation (including previous medical history) will be examined thoroughly in order to determine treatment recommendations. We review previous semen analysis results, all diagnostic tests, and any past procedures or treatments to understand your situation. Next, we work to incorporate information about your partner into our review to find the best path forward. We aim to identify potential causes for abnormal semen analyses or other male infertility issues.

Provide a Personalized Treatment Plan 

We want to make certain that you’re receiving the proper treatment for any infertility issues that you may be experiencing. As such, we always include an educational element when providing second opinions. Through your telehealth or in-person appointment with our male fertility specialists, you’ll learn everything there is to know about your sperm health, including:

  • Lifestyle factors that affect your fertility
  • Treatment options for any male infertility issues
  • Clear next steps for the best possible pregnancy outcome

We’ll go through everything we know about your condition and customize our treatments to help you reach your goals. We will also provide recommendations on how you can improve your treatment plan in the event it isn’t working.

Why Work with Posterity Health

Many individuals have to wait several weeks before they’re able to meet with another reproductive urologist in Dallas for a second opinion. You don’t have to worry about that at Posterity Health. We can book your second opinion consultation within 72 hours and quickly assess your situation, putting you on a quicker path to pregnancy.

Your second opinion consult will be an expert review with a highly experienced reproductive urologist near you. As previously mentioned, we’re focused solely on helping men improve their fertility. So, there’s no need to worry: we’ve got the right experts for the job for you.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re licensed in over 27 states throughout the U.S., and we’d be happy to help people in any state where we’re licensed. We offer telehealth visits for all of our appointments, so you can talk to our skilled male fertility specialists at anytime from anywhere.

Get Your Second Opinion with Posterity Health Today

Do you want a second opinion on an abnormality in your semen analysis results? Are you struggling to determine which fertility treatments are the right ones for you? Our reproductive urologists near you can help you understand everything about your fertility status and which fertility treatments might be best for you.

Do you need a second opinion? Schedule your consultation at Posterity Health with one of our male fertility specialists in Dallas.