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Whether you’re fresh out of school or are in your 40s, it may be a good option to consider freezing your sperm. Many males share a common dream of having kids at some point in their lives. However, fertility issues may get in the way of your dreams.

At Posterity Health, we are tried and tested male fertility specialists. We use our expertise to educate males about their fertility every day and successfully treat infertility issues. And we provide cryopreservation services for our patients across the country.

We’re leveraging our expertise today to outline the top reasons why you should freeze your sperm.

You Can’t Predict the Future

Plans change all the time. Even if you’ve never envisioned having biological children up to this point, that doesn’t mean you’ll always feel that way. Your perspective might completely change in the next 10 or 20 years.

Research has shown that sperm quality and sperm quantity declines with age. In fact, sperm quality tends to peak in your mid-30s and then starts to decline gradually. And when you have issues with your sperm, you’ll have a more challenging time getting pregnant.

Do your future self a favor and freeze your sperm while you’re younger.

Have a Plan B for a Medical Procedure

Are you choosing to have a vasectomy in the near future? If so, make sure you explore options for sperm banking beforehand!

Vasectomies can be reversed with the right candidates. However, your fertility can drastically change by the time you schedule a reversal. Your frozen sperm will keep the option open for having children in the future following your procedure.

Other medical procedures and operations can have negative impacts on your fertility status as well. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy, for instance, can damage your internal cells, including your sperm cells.

If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis or have another medical operation coming up that could impact your fertility, now is the time to consider freezing a sperm sample.

We should also note that those seeking gender-affirming care should freeze a sample too.

There’s Never Been a Better Time for Sperm Cryopreservation

Sperm banking and sperm freezing are not new concepts. In fact, one of the first major breakthroughs with sperm banking occurred in 1949 (CryoBank). Since then, the scientific methodology and technology for freezing sperm has come a long way.

Simply put, today is the best time to preserve your fertility. The technology behind this science has become very advanced and super reliable. So, the question shouldn’t be “why should I freeze my sperm?” Instead, you should be asking yourself, “why not?”

How We Approach Sperm Cryopreservation

At Posterity Health, we provide a meticulous, affordable, and safe sperm preservation package. We’ve structured our process into 3 essential services:

  1. Fertility Preservation Introduction
  2. Sample Collection, Evaluation, and Testing
  3. And a Fertility Preservation Review

First, we’ll schedule a 30-minute telehealth meeting with you to get to know you and your situation. We’ll discuss the preservation process and provide education on every little detail.

From there, we’ll ship an at-home kit to your door for testing and freezing. We include a semen analysis in our cryopreservation services to reveal quantitative data and information about your semen sample (e.g., sperm count, sperm motility, etc.).

We’ll then freeze your sperm at our partner lab and thaw it to learn how it will survive the thawing process. This will inform us if additional samples are needed for your family-building goals.

Lastly, we’ll conduct a 30-minute follow-up telehealth appointment with you. During this time, we’ll discuss the results of your semen analysis and your freeze-thaw test. We may even develop a strategy to improve your fertility or how to best achieve your long-term goals.

Freeze Your Sperm with Posterity Health Today

It is in your best interest to preserve your fertility today. At Posterity Health, our fertility experts can help you secure your future fertility through sperm cryopreservation. With our support, you’ll have healthy sperm ready for use when you need it down the line.

Contact Posterity Health today for a free 10-minute consultation.

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