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Are you and your partner trying to conceive? If so, we can support your family plans with our digital male fertility services and personalized treatments.


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To make your family plans a reality, you need to make the right decisions about your future. Our skilled team of reproductive urologists and physicians offer many male fertility services in Indiana to help you achieve your goals.

Baseline Assessment


If you’re struggling to conceive or are interested in having kids soon, it’s helpful to establish a baseline for your fertility status. That’s exactly what our Baseline Assessment can provide. This assessment includes a semen analysis that can be completed at home. Once your results are ready, you’ll meet with one of our male fertility specialists for a comprehensive consultation to discuss the facts about your results and gain access to many supportive fertility resources and educational materials. The entire Baseline Assessment can be completed digitally from the privacy of your home.


Our Baseline Assessment is the ideal solution for male fertility testing and provides accurate personalized information for males who are thinking about having children.


Male Fertility Workup


What do “abnormal” semen analysis results mean? If you’re one of the 50% of males who receive an abnormal semen analysis and don’t understand the results, we can help with our Male Fertility Workup. This service is structured to uncover any and all causes of your abnormal semen analysis results and outline an appropriate roadmap to boost your semen quality. During this male fertility service, we’ll dive into your health history/background, your reproductive history, and your partner’s background as well to create a personalized treatment plan for you. We will additionally take time to decide if any additional diagnostic tests are needed for you.


Our Male Fertility Workup service is an ideal solution for males who have received an abnormal semen analysis.


Second Opinions


At Posterity Health, our entire staff is focused on male fertility. As such, we are happy to offer second opinion consultations to male patients across the world about their fertility status and treatments. During a Second Opinions consultation, we will pour through the details of all your health records and conduct an in-depth evaluation of your current reproductive health. This way, you’ll gain the assurance that you’re on the right path to reach your goals. If needed, we may provide recommendations for additional treatments or alternative male fertility services in Indiana.


The Second Opinion Consult is best-suited for any male with an abnormal semen analysis and who has already visited a urologist.


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


Losing a pregnancy is one of the most devastating experiences a couple can have, and experiencing recurring miscarriages is even worse. Our goal at Posterity Health is to help couples achieve healthy pregnancies. For couples who have experienced multiple failed pregnancies, we can offer assistance through our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss consultation. Our team will complete a thorough review of your reproductive health to identify any potential undiagnosed or untreated male infertility issues. Those fertility concerns may be contributing to your failed pregnancies, and we can help you get the answers you need about your fertility status with diagnostic tests and conversations with our male fertility specialists.

Our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss consult is mainly for couples who have experienced two or more failed pregnancies or one failed IVF cycle.


Gender Affirmative Care


Are you beginning to receive gender-affirmative care? If so, our male fertility experts can help you preserve your future fertility so you can keep the door open for having biological children. At your Gender Affirmation consult, we’ll outline your best options for fertility preservation today and our male fertility specialists can get you started on the process to cryopreserve your sperm. With our support, you’ll have all the knowledge and resources you need for your future conception efforts.


Our Gender Affirmation consultation will greatly benefit any people undergoing gender-affirming care services that could impact their sperm quality.


Sperm Cryopreservation


Do you need to freeze some sperm? At Posterity Health, we will not only freeze and store your sperm – we will complete an assessment of your sperm quality to ensure that your sample is adequate to achieve your future fertility plans. Through our safe, affordable, and accessible fertility preservation service, we will help ensure that you get the best possible fertility outcome when you’re ready to use your frozen sperm. In addition, we’ll got the extra mile to provide education at every step of the freezing process and personalize this male fertility service to your needs.


Our Sperm Cryopreservation service is ideal for males over 35, males who have recently received a cancer diagnosis, or those receiving gender-affirming care.


Vasectomy Reversal


Vasectomies are effective forms of contraception, but if your family plans change, you’ll need to reverse your vasectomy. Fortunately, we have several skilled microsurgeons on staff who specialize in Vasectomy Reversals. Our talented staff members have achieved and maintain an incredibly high success rate with the right vasectomy reversal candidates. From your vasectomy reversal consultation to the post-op follow-up meeting, Posterity Health will provide personalized service to help you successfully navigate through your vasectomy reversal and achieve the desired result.


Our Vasectomy Reversal consultations are for males who have had a vasectomy and now want to have kids.


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    Coverage for Male Fertility Care

    Our goal is to provide affordable care. Insurance coverage varies by state and plan. Posterity Health partners with several companies that provide fertility benefits outside of what is offered by traditional insurance plans.  Posterity Health’s fertility benefit partners include:  ProgynyMavenFuture FamilyCarrot, and Livestrong Fertility. You can also use your HSA/FSA account to pay for services.

    Surgeries Are Included in our Male Fertility Services in Indiana

    If you need surgery or other procedures to correct your fertility issues, our skilled male fertility specialists can help. We are trained in a wide array of fertility surgical procedures including vasectomy reversals and microscopic varicocele repair. We also routinely perform surgical sperm extractions for IVF, including testicular microdissection and minimally invasive sperm retrievals.