Male Fertility Workup

Learn why you’ve received an abnormal semen analysis, what your results mean, and what you can do to improve your fertility.


Enhance Male Fertility in Indiana with an Insightful Workup and Personal Treatment Plan


What exactly does an abnormal semen analysis mean? If you’ve recently received those results, it might come as a shock. However, abnormal analyses are common across the male population. 1 in 8 couples experiences infertility issues and in over 50% of those cases, the male is either a contributing factor or the sole cause of infertility. Many factors contribute to infertility and most abnormal semen analyses can be improved or corrected. If you’re looking to improve your male fertility in Indiana, our specialists can help with our Male Fertility Workup service.

Our Male Fertility Workup: How Can It Help You?


We’ve structured this service to provide an in-depth and personalized evaluation of your reproductive health. Through a few stages, our experienced male fertility specialists in Indianapolis will create an action plan to understand and improve your fertility status. This includes:

  1. An initial evaluation
  2. A physical exam or ultrasound
  3. And a treatment plan

Your Initial Male Fertility Evaluation

During your virtual Initial Evaluation, we’ll pair you with one of our male fertility specialists in Indianapolis to review your abnormal semen analysis results. In addition, we’ll have you complete an intake questionnaire to gain an understanding of your background, your health, and other subjects. This questionnaire will cover almost every factor that may be affecting your sperm health and your fertility.

Male fertility is complex, which is why we ask these questions. They help our male fertility specialists understand your medical history, your reproductive history, your partner’s history, and more. Once we’ve gathered that information, we’ll take another look at your semen analysis and gain an understanding of how your results relate to your personal health and history. We’ll work hard to identify any and all contributing factors to your abnormal semen analysis, such as:

  • Lifestyle and behavioral habits
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medications and their side effects
  • Genetic conditions
  • Medical conditions
  • Previous surgeries

All this information will help us determine whether additional diagnostic testing is necessary. At the end of your telehealth appointment, you’ll walk away with an initial treatment plan for male fertility. Our Indiana clinic can provide this evaluation either in-person or virtually.

Your Male Fertility Physical Exam or Ultrasound

The next stage of your Workup will be a fast in-person physical exam with one of our male fertility specialists in Indianapolis. Don’t worry; this 5-minute physical is easy and non-invasive. It is essentially a quick “check under the hood” to identify any existing physical traits or anatomical reasons that may contribute to your abnormal semen analysis.

That said, your comfort and privacy are important to us. As an alternative, we can instead schedule a Scrotal Ultrasound at a local imaging facility near you.

Your Male Fertility Treatment Plan

If we conduct any additional diagnostic evaluations, Posterity Health will schedule one final meeting (either in-person or virtually) with one of our physicians to discuss your new test results. Our male fertility specialists in Indianapolis will provide reliable interpretations of your test results, finalize the list of your contributing factors, and reassess your custom treatment strategy.

At Posterity Health, our mission is to bring equity to fertility health care. We always encourage both partners to attend these consultations so that both of you can stay informed about your fertility status. This also makes it easier to align your treatment plan with any other fertility services that your partner is currently exploring.

As we conclude your Male Fertility Workup, we will provide you with a clear direction on how to help you and your partner get pregnant.

Contact Posterity Health to Boost Your Male Fertility in Indiana

Whether you’ve received an abnormal semen analysis or you’re not sure how to improve your fertility status, Posterity Health can help you uncover the answers that you need. We’ve streamlined our process to make the workup fast, convenient, and affordable. Best of all: you can complete the workup from the privacy of your own home.

If you contact us today, we can schedule your appointment one of our male fertility specialists in Indianapolis in less than 72 hours. With our support, you’ll gain the confidence and insights that you need to improve your fertility with our team of experts.

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