Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation

We can help you learn if a male fertility issue has contributed to recurring failed pregnancies and help plan a reliable path to a successful and healthy pregnancy.


Address Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Indiana

We know exactly how devastating it is to experience a miscarriage after you’ve had a positive pregnancy test. You’ve spent so much time and energy trying to conceive with your partner, and you deserve answers about the causes of your pregnancy loss. There are multiple factors that can influence or contribute to recurrent pregnancy loss. In Indiana, Posterity Health is here to help you determine if male factors, like sperm quality, are contributing to your lost pregnancies.

Our skilled male fertility specialists can uncover any potential causes of infertility on the male side and help provide recurrent pregnancy loss treatment for you.

Understanding Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and How to Treat It

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is often clinically defined as the occurrence of two or more miscarriages or one failed in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.

A wide array of factors can contribute to cases of RPL, many of which involve hormone abnormalities, egg quality, uterine lining issues, etc. However, male factors like sperm quality can be associated with RPL. In fact, the female and male partners contribute equally to infertility issues.

Sperm quality is one of the most important contributors to having a full-term pregnancy. If your sperm has poor morphology (i.e., the size and shape) or the DNA inside of your sperm cells is fragmented, you are more likely to experience recurrent pregnancy loss. Fortunately, these male infertility factors can be treated or reversed with the right support.

Posterity Health provides a comprehensive recurrent pregnancy loss consultation service to assess for male factor infertility and plan your path to pregnancy.

What to Expect From our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation and Treatment


We are one of the only fertility clinics across the U.S. and in Indiana that offers RPL consultations for males. We personalize every single consultation to the individual concerns, experiences, and goals of each couple to create the most appropriate male fertility treatment plan. Your RPL consultation will include:

  1. A detailed review of your health history
  2. A physical exam or scrotal ultrasound
  3. Additional diagnostic testing, as appropriate (e.g., semen analysis, DNA fragmentation testing, etc.)
  4. A follow-up telehealth conversation regarding our findings and treatment recommendations, as needed

Health History Review

The best way to pinpoint any potential male infertility factors contributing to recurrent pregnancy loss is a comprehensive review of your health history. We’ll schedule an initial consultation for you to chat with one of our male fertility specialists either virtually or in-clinic. For greater transparency between partners, we encourage your partner to attend this consultation.

We’ll ask a series of detailed questions to form an accurate understanding of your personal history and your reproductive health. We’ll ask about:

  • Existing medical issues and past surgeries
  • Key details regarding your reproductive history
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviors

Your Physical Exam

From there, you’ll meet with one of our expert reproductive urologists in a private medical setting for a quick “look under the hood.” This physical exam gives us the opportunity to check for any types of physical abnormalities or concerns that could be influencing your fertility status. In some cases, our physicians may order a scrotal ultrasound in lieu of a physical.

Diagnostic Testing

We’ll take the opportunity to learn more about the health of your sperm through a semen analysis. This assessment provides insights into the quality of your sperm and evaluates many factors, including morphology, volume, and more. We may order additional diagnostic tests to fully understand the condition of your chromosomes and assess for DNA fragmentation.

We’ll use the data on your sperm health to then discuss options for recurrent pregnancy loss treatment in Indiana.

Your Follow-Up Appointment for RPL Treatment

Your RPL consultation service will wrap up with a telehealth appointment with your male fertility specialist at Posterity Health. At your final telehealth conversation, we’ll interpret the results of the semen tests and additional diagnostic assessments, finalize the list of any male factors that are contributing to RPL, and create accurate recommendations for your next steps. We’ll even provide guidance on the right options for your recurrent pregnancy loss treatment in Indiana.

Get Answers with Our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation Near You

We see patients all across North America for RPL consultations because we are passionate about helping couples grow with new children. At Posterity Health, we’ll help you understand the causes of your recurrent pregnancy loss and help you receive the appropriate treatment in Indiana for your needs. We’ll deliver the answers you need about your fertility status so you and your partner can get started on your future together.

If you and your partner have experienced RPL, please schedule an RPL consultation in Indiana with Posterity Health today.