Second Opinions

If you need advice, education, or recommendations to support your reproductive health, you can chat with an experienced reproductive urologist in Indiana at Posterity Health.


Second Opinions: Get the Assurance You Need with our Reproductive Urologists Near You

At Posterity Health, we’re proud to offer our second opinions to patients all across Indiana and the rest of the world. After speaking with general urologists, many males have remaining questions about their fertility status and reproductive health. Male fertility is our only focus at Posterity Health and we have multiple male fertility specialists on staff to help address your needs. Our reproductive urologists in Indiana are happy to share their insights and recommendations with any patients who need reassurance that they’re on the right track for their reproductive health.

Whether you’re struggling to understand your semen analysis results, have questions about a fertility diagnosis, or need assistance with exploring alternative male fertility treatments, Posterity Health is the place to call. To help you get the answers you need, we’ll pair you with an experienced reproductive urologist in Indiana.

Get a Reliable Second Opinion on Your Reproductive Health

As a leading digital male fertility clinic, our sole focus is male fertility. No matter what issues you may be experiencing, we can work with you to ensure you’re on the right path for your family plans.


Our male fertility specialists in Indiana can provide second opinions through virtual or in-person consultations. We can discuss many different fertility topics, including:

  • Semen analysis or sperm test results
  • Fertility treatment plans
  • Planned procedures that affect fertility (e.g., vasectomy reversals, hormone abnormalities, etc.)
  • General questions about your ability to improve sperm quality and how to best achieve a successful pregnancy

Here’s a brief rundown of how our reproductive urologists and male fertility specialists approach second opinions.

Medical History Review

During your consultation, we need to gather some personal health information in order to fully understand your sperm quality and your reproductive health. As such, we will take the time to review your medical records at the consultation. A wide array of health concerns or issues, like surgeries, past injuries, medications, and more, can affect your fertility status. That’s why we will closely examine those details. In addition, we will fully review your previous semen analysis results, fertility diagnostic tests, and other fertility treatments you’ve received to understand your situation. We will then compile all of this insightful information to pinpoint potential causes for your abnormal semen analysis results or other male infertility issues that you may be experiencing. And we’ll make sure to incorporate information about your partner to find the best path forward for both of you.

Create a Personalized Treatment Plan

Once we understand what is likely affecting your fertility status, we’ll take steps to ensure you’re receiving the proper treatment. That means we’ll offer education and other insights during your second opinion appointment. Our reproductive urologists near you will provide helpful instruction to ensure you understand everything you need to know about your sperm health, including:

  • Lifestyle factors that affect your fertility
  • Treatment options for any male infertility issues
  • Recommended next steps for the best possible pregnancy outcome

With our support, you’ll gain the assurance that you’re receiving the appropriate treatment and that it is customized to help you reach your goals. We will additionally provide recommendations on how you can improve your treatment plan for the most optimal results.

We Can Guide Your Fertility Treatment Plan

Many males can have a difficult time booking appointments with reproductive urologists in Indiana for second opinions. This is because those urologists have limited availability. At Posterity Health, we can book your second opinion consultation quickly within 72 hours to expedite your evaluation.

You’ll then meet one-on-one with an expert reproductive urologist near you with multiple years of experience. Since male fertility is all we do, you can rest easy knowing you’re seeking advice from the right fertility experts.

In addition, Posterity Health is growing quickly and we are licensed to work in 28 states across the U.S. We’re happy to provide feedback, advice, and guidance on fertility issues to any males in those areas. Thanks to our telehealth capabilities, you can speak with our male fertility specialists from anywhere at any time.

Speak with a Reproductive Urologist at Posterity Health

Do you have fertility concerns ahead of a scheduled procedure? Or are you having a hard time interpreting the results of a semen analysis? Our reproductive urologists in Indiana can provide the expert insights and detailed recommendations that you need to optimize your fertility status.

Schedule your second opinions consultation at Posterity Health with one of our male fertility specialists in Indiana.