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Posterity Health partners with REIs and OB/GYNs to help patients become parents faster. We are the only company dedicated to assessing and treating male factor infertility.

We are Male Fertility Specialists.  We manage all semen analysis communication and follow-up care. We talk to the male partner, and we meet with the couple. We provide summarized progress notes allowing OBGYNs and REIs to understand the partner’s reproductive status so they can make the best decision for the couple. We make it easy and comfortable and provide virtual consults and home-based male fertility care to support the simultaneous evaluation of both partners. We work diligently to optimize the fertility status of the male. We’re always available for questions, support and consults.


Today one in eight couples has trouble conceiving and, in more than 50% of the time, a male factor is involved.  Traditionally, managing infertility falls on the woman, who accepts “the Burden of Care”. Male fertility issues are rarely assessed and treated. There is limited education on the topic, and it remains an unspoken, uncomfortable subject for men. This is especially disconcerting since male fertility issues are often treatable and in many cases, intervention by a Male Fertility Specialist can dramatically improve sperm numbers and quality and thereby making it easier to conceive.

Posterity Health

Posterity Health makes male fertility a core part of men’s healthcare, actively including men in the conception process. We offer male fertility expertise through a combination of virtual visits, at-home diagnostics, and in-person consults. We treat male fertility issues to increase the chances of fathering a child. Our goal is to work collaboratively with IVF centers to maximize success with one goal in mind, the birth of a healthy child

Fertility Center Partnerships

For many, difficulty conceiving is an emotionally devastating experience. Couples choose a Fertility Center based on its reputation for quality, cost-effective, compassionate care.  While Fertility Centers are the true authorities on the evaluation and management of female infertility issues, many do not traditionally provide comparable, on-site expertise for male factor issues. By improving the sperm quality of the male partner, we can improve the chances of having a successful IVF cycle.

Our goal is to educate and engage the male partner during the conception process, enabling the couple to approach this challenging time together as an integrated unit. We want couples to understand that it truly does “take two to tango” and that it is critical for the male factor to be evaluated and treated in order to improve semen quality. Posterity Health specializes in identifying and resolving male factor issues.  Many of these issues can be treated with lifestyle changes, hormonal/medical management or proven surgical procedures improving sperm parameters or obtaining sperm. In addition, we can provide additional education and support for men during this process. We believe supporting the male will dramatically reduce the Treatment Drop Out rate. We work with the Fertility Centers to provide “Couples Care” – cost-effective care of the highest quality for both partners, with one explicit goal – the birth of a healthy child.

Posterity Health Services

We have specifically designed a series of services that can be delivered as an integrated bundle or “ala carte” so each Fertility Center may select the services that are most appropriate. These offerings can be delivered in person, or via telehealth consults.

Baseline Assessment This Baseline Assessment is for men and couples who are eager to take charge and are planning to become parents. Each Baseline Assessment includes an at-home semen analysis and a conversation with one of our fertility specialists. We provide a digestible summary of fertility status, including potential causes of any abnormalities.
Fertility Playbook This coaching session is focused on educating the couple on lifestyle and other behavioral changes that can optimize male fertility. It is typically provided to couples who have a normal semen analysis. We will also educate men on the IVF process including tips to support their partner during this emotional time. This consult provides men with a normal semen analysis the opportunity to ask questions and become more involved in the journey.
Male Factor Evaluation & Plan Men with an abnormal semen analysis will have the option to complete an in-depth medical assessment including the diagnostic testing required to determine how the male factor can be corrected. Posterity Health can formulate and monitor the treatment plan through their interactive telehealth platform or in-person as required for the physical examination or required surgical procedures.


While not all male factor issues can be identified or corrected, evaluation and successful treatment of male issues may increase the chances of a couple having a successful IVF cycle, in some cases it will allow a couple to receive IUI or conceive naturally.  For those couples whose male factor cannot be improved, the couple will have the satisfaction that their situation has been optimized for conception.

Sperm Extraction Services Percutaneous Epidiymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA), Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE or Micro-Tese)


We perform these services onsite in conjunction with the female partner’s ovulation cycle. In many regions, we have Posterity Health Physicians available in-person to perform these services.
Sperm Cryopreservation Consult This consult is focused on men who are may be contemplating sperm cryopreservation prior to initiating chemotherapy, before undergoing a vasectomy, or for those who are interested in banking sperm to avoid the effects of sperm deterioration associated with aging.

Posterity Commitment

In addition to these services, Posterity Health physicians will be available for physician-to-physician phone consultations.

Our goal is to work with you to provide integrated care for the couple.

Posterity Health will:

  1. Provide a warm, compassionate extension to your existing programs, facilitating open discussion on male fertility and therapeutic options.
  2. Provide seamless access to male fertility experts through a user friendly, comprehensive digital health platform built specifically for couples who are struggling to conceive
  3. Deliver state of the art medical care regardless of location, to identify and correct underlying health issues which may present as infertility
  4. Communicate with and work in conjunction with your reproductive endocrinologists (female infertility specialists) to help couples achieve their goals
Posterity Health: Male Fertility Specialists

Our value proposition:

  • Provide increased differentiation attracting new OBGYNs referrals
  • Increased patient satisfaction – one-stop shopping
  • Reduce the dropout rate by including the male and allowing couples to share the Burden of Care
  • Attract and embrace the LGBTQ community with family building services
  • Generate incremental revenue with a profitable new service line and expanded diagnostic services

Our services fit into your existing workflow:

  • OBGYN support for male fertility assessments
  • Semen analysis results review and communication
  • Comprehensive male fertility evaluation & treatment
  • Minimally invasive surgical sperm extractions for IVF
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) consult addressing male factor issues
Posterity Health: Male Fertility Specialists

Quotes from our physician partners:

“You making these (semen analysis) calls (to our patients and their partners) is an early Christmas present for me!”

“Thank you for making those calls, for helping my patients, and taking the burden off my shoulders. I am trained to help women, I am not a Male Fertility Specialists, I am very uncomfortable  making those calls!”

“I think it’s important to evaluate the male after multiple failed IVF cycles.”

Patients say:

“Very hard to get bad news, but great to understand what’s going on and have the opportunity to improve our chances with a male fertility specialist.”

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