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Make the Most of March Madness and Get a Vasectomy in Dallas

Did you know that the number of vasectomies rises dramatically during March Madness each year? Across the 500,000+ annual vasectomies in the U.S., March has the highest proportion of surgeries each year. If you’re a fan of March Madness and want to get a vasectomy in Dallas, now is the ideal time to book your procedure.

March Madness is Your Dream Vasectomy Vacation

March has been dubbed the season of “vas madness” because of one reason: basketball. The multi-week NCAA tournament is the perfect fit for your vasectomy vacation. After your procedure, you’ll need to rest and heal for 2-3 days. There’s no better way to recover than sitting on the couch and enjoying the non-stop action of the NCAA competition!

If you’re ready to join the vas madness, Posterity Health can handle your procedure.

Trust Posterity Health for Your Dallas Vasectomy Procedure

Posterity Health is a nationwide male fertility platform and we have several talented microsurgeons across the U.S. who handle vasectomy procedures. We offer flexible scheduling options at our clinics and will provide a seamless, stress-free, and safe experience.

With each vasectomy procedure, we follow three key steps:

  1. Vasectomy Consultation with a Reproductive Urologist
  2. Surgery Under Local Anesthesia with an Experienced Microsurgeon
  3. Post-Op Semen Analysis in Dallas

Schedule Your March Madness Dallas Vasectomy Today

If you’ve wanted to get a vasectomy for a while, now’s the perfect time to get your procedure done! At Posterity Health, we’re ready to help you make the right decision for your future.

Contact Posterity Health today to schedule your vasectomy in Dallas.

Book a Vasectomy & Get a Free Gift

Book your procedure before April 30, 2023 and we’ll send you a free pizza gift certificate to start your March Madness out right!

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