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Welcome to Posterity Health! At our digital male fertility clinic, our entire team is focused on helping couples get pregnant by providing educational resources, personalized fertility advice, and effective treatments. We strive to bring equity to fertility through our network of clinics across the country, and our male fertility specialists in Nashville, TN can help you achieve your fertility goals. 

Order a Semen Analysis 


Your at-home analysis includes a follow-up telehealth consultation with a male fertility specialist. 

Get a Male Fertility Workup 


If you have questions about your fertility status, we’ll help you uncover key insights. 

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation 


Have you and your partner lost multiple pregnancies? We may be able to identify contributing male infertility factors. 

Get a Second Opinion 



Are you unsure about a fertility diagnosis or treatment? We’re happy to provide our expertise for you. 

Gender Affirmative Care Consultation 


If you’re starting treatments soon, we can help ensure that you always have a reliable path to parenthood. 

Freeze Your Sperm Today 


Make the right choice for your future plans and explore your options to preserve your fertility. 

Get a Vasectomy Reversal 


We have some of the top vasectomy reversal microsurgeons in the country! Book your procedure with our skilled team today. 

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

Call us today for a free 10-minute consultation with our male fertility specialists: (720) 666-4739


Get to Know Our Male Fertility Clinic in Nashville, TN 

Did you know that both males and females contribute equally to infertility? Unfortunately, this fact is not common knowledge and the expectation still falls on the female partner to assess and track her fertility before getting the male evaluated. Our male fertility experts are striving to solve this problem. 

At Posterity Health, we aim to bring equity to fertility and promote the simultaneous evaluation of both partners. As a digital male fertility platform, we can accomplish this goal by educating males on their fertility statuses and empowering them to take action with one of our reliable male fertility services. 

We have talented reproductive urologists, experienced microsurgeons, and outstanding male fertility specialists all across the country, and thanks to our digital platform, you can get in touch with us from anywhere. No matter where you’re at on your conception journey, you can find the fertility support that you need from our male fertility clinic in Nashville, TN. 

Dr. Walker pulled me from an absolute whirlpool of bureaucracy and frustration when I was trying to get a genetic sample frozen. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping people are undeniable, and you can tell she really cares when you talk with her. I strongly recommend her for any reproductive needs.

– Matt K.

Get in Touch with Our Male Fertility Specialists in Tennessee 

Whether you’re trying to conceive or just want to assess your current fertility status, we can help you get started at Posterity Health. 

Contact us today for a free 10-minute consultation with our male fertility specialists. 

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Coverage for Male Fertility Care

Our goal is to provide affordable care. Insurance coverage varies by state and plan. Posterity Health partners with several companies that provide fertility benefits outside of what is offered by traditional insurance plans.  Posterity Health’s fertility benefit partners include:  ProgynyMavenFuture FamilyCarrot, and Livestrong Fertility. You can also use your HSA/FSA account to pay for services.

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