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Baseline Consultation

Establish your baseline – complete an at-home semen analysis (shipped to your home), then meet with a male fertility expert for a consult – $300.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Did you receive an abnormal semen analysis? Together, let’s build your comprehensive treatment plan – $400.

Second Opinion

We conduct a detailed review of all previous records and complete a current evaluation. Our physician recommends additional or alternative treatment plans – $600.

Recurring Pregnancy Loss (RPL) Consultation

Failed multiple IVF cycles or have suffered through multiple miscarriages? Let’s assess whether there is a male factor present – $500.

Vasectomy Reversal Consult

Change your mind about children? Let’s determine if you’re a good candidate for a vasectomy reversal. If so, we perform the procedure – $200.

Sperm Cryopreservation Consult

Should you bank your sperm before cancer treatment, vasectomy, or gender transition? We can help you decide and provide sperm banking services – $200.

Preconception Playbook

Get lifestyle and behavioral tips that are proven to increase your chances of having a baby. Consult and Playbook provided – $75.

Diagnostic testing may be required at an additional cost.

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