Vasectomy Reversals Done The Right Way!

Posterity Health physicians are fellowship trained in male fertility and specialize in vasectomy reversals. We are here to help you have a child.

Quick and Easy Process

Our Reproductive Urologists (male care experts) are specialty trained to perform vasectomy reversals.

Some physicians rely on local anesthesia, we follow clinical best practice and provide General Anesthesia for our patients.

Procedures are performed at Quad A surgery centers – creating a safe environment for high-quality care.

Our procedures are priced competitively, and can be scheduled quickly at a convenient location.

Vasectomy Reversal Success Guarantee

We will refund your money if it doesn’t work!


We bring the best surgeons to you.

Our team of reproductive urologists are available in Posterity Health hub locations across the country.

Pricing varies by state based on surgery center and general anesthesia fees.

Colorado | California | Oregon  | Indiana  | Tennessee  | Georgia | New York 

Willing to save money and travel for your vasectomy reversal?

You may be able to reduce the cost of your procedure by traveling to a Posterity Health hub location. Contact us to learn more about our travel options.


Why Posterity Health?

  • We’re a team of specialty trained male fertility specialists.

  • Provide high-quality care following clinical best practice guidelines.

  • General Anesthesia required for your safety and comfort.

  • Top rated surgery centers.

  • Multiple payment options available including payment plans and Fertility Benefit Manager coverage.

  • Success Guarantee.


Is a vasectomy reversal the best option for me?

The best way to determine if the procedure is right for you is to consult with one of our providers. Schedule a free consult here: XXXXXXXX

What is the healing timeline after a reversal?

  • With general anesthesia, you won’t be awake during the procedure so won’t experience any pain. Your provider will use a local numbing medicine as well to reduce pain afterwards. 
  • Once the medications wear off, you may experience some light soreness in your scrotum or testicles. You’ll be sent home with mild oral pain medications to alleviate the discomfort during your recovery. Ice packs can also greatly assist with those pain symptoms. Just remember to avoid strenuous activities during your recovery. 
  • Most pain symptoms dissipate within a few days after your procedure, but if any persist, contact your reproductive urologist at Posterity Health.

There is no office near me, can I still meet with a doctor?

Yes, many of our sites that offer vasectomy reversals accept patient from out of state. This is also a great way to save money on your procedure without sacrificing quality of care.

Why is general anesthesia a better option for my procedure?

General anesthesia is favored for vasectomy reversal because it relieves the risk of pain, keeping the patient comfortable and immobile. This facilitates of the precise surgical environment necessary for successful outcomes. It also minimizes intraoperative stress and anxiety, making the overall experience more tolerable for the patient.

How soon can I schedule my vasectomy reversal procedure?

We pride ourselves on getting patients booked for procedures as quickly as possible. Once your provider approves you for surgery, our surgery schedulers will work with you to find the best time.