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Understand your fertility status.

Most couples expect to conceive without any difficulty or delay after discontinuing contraception. However, one in six couples experience difficulty with conception, and in at least 50% of the cases, a male factor is involved.

The good news, many male fertility issues can be treated. Our team is staffed by trained male fertility specialists, our physicians focus exclusively on male fertility, it’s all we do.

25% ($75) off our At-Home Semen Analysis with a Baseline Consult (now $225).

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About Our Baseline Consultation

This Baseline Assessment is for men and couples who are eager to take charge and are planning to become parents. You don’t want to get your results, you want to “get results,” that’s why each Baseline Assessment includes an at-home semen analysis and a video appointment with one of our fertility specialists. We give you a digestible summary of your fertility status, including potential causes of any abnormalities.

To receive your discounted Baseline Consultation, please use our online scheduler to choose the best date and time for our clinical coordinator to call you back with scheduling options. You can also reach us by:

Call us: (970) 283-3996

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