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Cost is often a top concern for most people when it comes to any type of healthcare service. “How much will this service cost me?” The exact cost for medical services can vary depending on a wide array of factors. At Posterity Health, male fertility is our sole focus, which means we have a great understanding of the costs associated with various services. We’ve developed the following breakdown to provide clarity on what’s included in the cost of a vasectomy reversal near you.

Understanding the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

A vasectomy reversal procedure is an intricate process that restores the pathway of your vas deferens to allow sperm to flow back into your semen. This surgery typically has a very high success rate and is performed by an experienced reproductive urologist who has extensive training in the field of reproductive medicine and microsurgery.

The procedure is performed while you are under general anesthesia and will only require a small incision that is a few centimeters long. The entire operation takes no more than an hour or two and you’ll enjoy a few relaxing days recovering on the couch.

How Much Does a Vasectomy Reversal Near You Cost?

The cost of a vasectomy reversal depends on multiple factors. These include things like:

  • The microsurgical technique (i.e., vasovasostomy vs vasoepididymostomy)
  • Your location in the United States (average procedure costs may be higher or lower depending on where you live)
  • Fees for the surgeon, the anesthesia, and the facility
  • Any additional necessary procedures after the initial surgery

The average cost of a vasectomy reversal ranges widely between $5,000 to $15,000 (Urology Health).

Can Insurance Help Cover the Costs?

Unfortunately, most insurance plans usually do not cover vasectomy reversal procedures. This is because insurers classify it as an “elective” procedure and it is not “medically necessary.”

This can often be a confusing subject for many policyholders because most health insurance companies will cover the initial vasectomy (when completed as an outpatient procedure).

Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile to check with your insurance provider if they will cover your reversal procedure. Make sure you contact your provider to find out if your specific plan will cover an “outpatient microsurgical vasovasostomy.”

If coverage can be applied, it is unlikely to cover the entire costs of the procedure. So don’t be surprised if you only get a small portion of the costs covered by your policy.

Financing Solutions Are Available to Help

If you’re stressing over the costs of getting a vasectomy reversal near you, don’t worry! You can secure financing to make your procedure more affordable.

At Posterity Health, we partner with Care Credit to provide flexible financing options for male fertility treatments and services. With no prepayment penalties, flexible promotions, and deferred-interest or low-interest rate options, you can make your vasectomy reversal procedure fit within your monthly budget.

Book Your Appointment for a Vasectomy Reversal Near You with Posterity Health

We are proud to be one of the top providers of vasectomy reversals in Colorado and have streamlined our process to maximize the benefits for you. At Posterity Health, we’ll schedule an initial vasectomy reversal consultation within 72 hours with one of our experienced male fertility specialists. After discussing your options and pinpointing the right procedure for you, we can book your surgery within a handful of weeks!

If you’re ready to get started with our vasectomy reversal specialists, contact our team today.

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