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If you’re trying to conceive with your partner, then it’s a good idea for you to order a semen analysis. In over half of infertility cases, the male partner is either a contributing factor or the sole cause of infertility. But, before you order a semen analysis in Colorado, it’s important to understand what that test kit includes.

What is Evaluated by a Semen Analysis?

Whether you complete your semen analysis (SA) at home or in-clinic, your assessment will examine a handful of characteristics of your semen. These include:

  • Volume – The amount of ejaculate aka the amount of ‘stuff’ that comes out when you orgasm. A normal volume is ≥ 1.5mL.
  • Concentration – The number of sperm per millimeter of ejaculate. A normal concentration is ≥ 15 million/mL but can range up to 200 million/mL.
  • Motility – The percent of sperm that are moving. Normal motility is ≥ 40%.
  • Morphology – The percentage of sperm that meets Kruger’s strict criteria for shape. A normal morphology is ≥ 4%.
  • Total Motile Count – The number of moving sperm in the ejaculate, calculated by multiplying volume x concentration x motility. A normal TMC is ≥ 20 million with some studies showing better chances of getting pregnant at ≥ 40 million.

Semen analyses can additionally check for cellular debris and white blood cells in your sample. Both of those factors can play a key role in the viability of your swimmers.

Your Semen Analysis: What You Can Expect

You have the option to do an at-home semen analysis or an in-clinic semen analysis. The at-home option will include a semen analysis kit sent (discretely) to your house. It includes the collection cup as well as instructions for collecting and sending the kit back to the lab with a pre-paid shipping label. The in-clinic option will involve going to a partner fertility lab where you will be given a collection cup and instructions and then directed to the collection room where you will produce your sample which is processed at the lab on site.

At Posterity Health, we offer a superior semen analysis package that is more comprehensive and personalized to your needs. When you order our semen analysis in Colorado, you can select either a:

Semen analysis at home kit. This kit is CLIA-certified and doctor-approved


Schedule an in-clinic semen analysis. We will arrange an appointment at our partner fertility lab

  • 24/7 access to the Posterity Health Digital Health Platform. This offers engaging educational resources on male fertility and easy-to-follow videos to support you through our Baseline Assessment, including:
    • Fertility 101 – This educational piece will cover “everything you didn’t learn in sex ed.” Covering a wide array of fertility subjects such as fertility supplements, ovulation tracking, and infertility factors.
    • Male Fertility Playbook – Packed with all the information on lifestyle choices you can make to improve your fertility status. It addresses fertility FAQs, fertility myths, and much more.
    • SA How To – Step-by-step instructions for your semen analysis, including recommendations on how to time your collection since your last ejaculate, along with helpful tips and tricks.
    • SA Results Basics – An overview of understanding SA parameters including volume, concentration, motility, morphology, and total motile count.
    • What’s Next – For guys with an abnormal semen analysis, it’s okay, this is just your baseline, we’ll provide the next steps in the process to get your fertility improved.
  • A telehealth appointment with a male fertility specialist. They’ll discuss the results of your semen analysis, interpret the findings and implications for your fertility, and recommend appropriate next steps. You’ll have access to your semen analysis results through your Digital Health Platform as well.

With Posterity Health’s Baseline Assessment, you’re not just getting a semen analysis. You receive personalized specialty advice and information on reproductive health to optimize your chances of conception. It’s a convenient, reliable, and affordable way to support your reproductive health.

Order Your Semen Analysis in Colorado Today

If you want to get accurate results about your fertility status and understand what they mean, Posterity Health is here to help. Our comprehensive approach to infertility testing and treatment will provide the educational insights that you and your partner need to conceive.

Schedule your free consultation today for our semen analysis in Colorado to get started.

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