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At-home sperm test kits offer a convenient way to assess your fertility. However, many providers of these at-home kits do not provide anything in addition to the semen tests. This leaves many males in the lurch when it comes to understanding their fertility. And that’s why Posterity Health takes a different approach to your at-home semen analysis kit.

3 Reasons Why a Semen Test Isn’t Enough

Simply put: your fertility is a complex subject that can’t be addressed with one sperm test. It’s important to seek out fertility experts that will go beyond a simple analysis. Here’s why.

1. Reading Your Results Can Be Challenging

Unfortunately, semen test results aren’t always cut and dry. Can you tell the difference between normal results and abnormal results? Unless you receive guidance from a male fertility expert, you will likely struggle to interpret your test results.

2. Quality and Function May Vary by the At-Home Test

You can find an at-home semen analysis through many providers, but many options do not test semen samples for everything. In fact, many home semen tests only evaluate sperm count (Mayo Clinic). They may not test for other key things like sperm motility, sperm quality, sperm morphology, and so on.

3. Most Males Have a Fertility Knowledge Gap

Believe it or not, your sex ed classes in school did not teach you everything about your reproductive health. For instance, in at least half of all cases of infertility, a male factor is a major or contributing cause (Cleveland Clinic).

That’s why we’ve designed our analysis process to be different assessing not just the sperm, but looking at the male as a whole. After all, male fertility is a men’s health issue.

Our Baseline Assessment: The Best Approach to Getting Pregnant

At Posterity Health, our goal is to help couples get pregnant. That means our male fertility experts will go the extra mile to educate, treat, and help you meet your fertility goals. And it all starts with our baseline semen analysis service.

Our Baseline Assessment includes a semen analysis kit that can be completed either at-home or in-clinic. Our semen analysis kits are CLIA certified and doctor-approved. After your sample is provided, our male fertility specialists will conduct a comprehensive review of your analysis results.

But we don’t stop there. Our Baseline Assessment service includes much more than just a semen analysis. We also schedule you a telehealth consultation with one of our male fertility specialists. Appointments with male fertility specialists can often take months to schedule, but at Posterity Health, we can get you scheduled with a provider within 72 hours of receiving your analysis results. During that telehealth follow-up, you’ll discuss:

  • Your semen analysis results – This includes straightforward explanations of every factor we assessed. We’ll also interpret the results for you, evaluate your risks, and provide recommendations for your next steps.
  • Fertility 101 – We’ll go over “everything you didn’t learn in sex ed!” This discussion will cover a wide array of fertility subjects including fertility supplements, ovulation tracking, basic anatomy, and more.
  • Male Fertility Playbook – This personalized playbook is loaded with all the information you need to optimize your fertility status. It will clear up confusion about male fertility FAQs and myths, and provide lifestyle recommendations for better fertility.

Afterward, you’ll have a clear understanding of your fertility status, more knowledge of fertility in general, and next steps to treat existing male factor infertility issues.

Order Your At-Home Semen Analysis Kit Today

With our Baseline Assessment, you’re not just getting results about your sperm count, fertility issues, or fertility potential. You’re getting specialized advice and expert information on your reproductive health that’s personalized, convenient, and easy to understand.

Posterity Health can help you optimize your TTC timeline so that you and your partner can get pregnant as quickly as possible.

Order an at-home semen analysis today to get started with Posterity Health.

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