Baseline Assessment

Get a semen analysis and fertility consultation from our male fertility specialists. In-clinic or in the convenience of your own home.

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Semen Analysis and Baseline Assessment: The Best Approach to Getting Pregnant

Are you and your partner getting started on the path to parenthood? Or are you stressed because you’re having trouble conceiving? At Posterity Health, we offer an effective approach for evaluating male fertility: our Baseline Assessment. This service gives you a digestible summary of your fertility status, supportive resources, digital education, and a detailed consultation with a male fertility specialist. 

In 1/3 of cases where couples are struggling to conceive it is due to male infertility, and another 1/3 of the time male infertility is a contributing factor.

Everyone hopes to get pregnant quickly and easily after “pulling the goalie.” Among couples experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, 1/3 of the time the cause of the infertility is solely a male factor and in another 1/3 of cases, both male and female factors contribute. If you are ready to be proactive about your reproductive health, we can help with our Baseline Assessment. 

Our Baseline Assessment Includes More Than Just a Semen Analysis

Our Baseline Assessment package is much more than a semen analysis. It includes: 

  • Fertility 101 – Everything you didn’t learn in sex ed. 
  • Male Fertility Playbook – Personalized lifestyle recommendations to optimize your sperm 
  • Semen analysis kit – This can be completed either in-clinic or at-home (yes, legit at-home testing) 
  • Results Review – A telehealth consultation with a male fertility specialist, which includes: 
    • A review of your semen analysis results 
    • Interpretation and implications for your fertility 
    • Recommendations for next steps 

With our Baseline Assessment, you’re not just getting results about your fertility. You’re getting specialized advice and expert information on reproductive health in an easy, convenient, and reliable way. 

In-Clinic Assessment

  • Comprehensive Semen Analysis at one of our local partner clinics
  • Telehealth appointment, can be scheduled within one week, with a male fertility specialist to discuss Semen Analysis results and next steps (a $150 value, included)


*not available in all states

In-Home Test Kit

  • Comprehensive Semen Analysis
  • Semen analysis kit mailed to your home and then FedExed back to the laboratory
    • Free shipping both ways
    • Complete it in the privacy of your own home
  • Telehealth appointment, can be scheduled within one week, with a male fertility specialist to discuss Semen Analysis results and next steps (a $175 value, included)



Semen Analysis 

Our at-home semen analysis kits are CLIA certified and doctor approved. 

If you choose our at-home option, the semen analysis kit will be delivered directly to your front door (shipping to and from your home is included). The instructions are enclosed in the kit and are simple to follow. Complete your sample and follow the return shipment instructions to get it back to the lab. 

We also offer in-clinic semen analyses in Denver and elsewhere at partnering fertility centers.


Telehealth Appointment 

When your results are ready, we’ll schedule your results review via a telehealth appointment. A male fertility specialist will cover Fertility 101 and the Playbook. They will also review and interpret your results to determine if any next steps are required. 

This appointment will answer the big “Now What?” question that’s in your head. We always encourage every patient to bring their partners to the telehealth appointments as well. 

Male Fertility 101 

We provide Fertility 101 with every Baseline Assessment, where we go over “everything you didn’t learn in sex ed!” 

Your male fertility specialist will dive into a wide array of fertility subjects including the anatomy of male and female reproductive systems, ovulation tracking in the fertile window, and factors that impact your fertility. You’ll even learn about fertility supplements and the role of antioxidants in sperm health. 

Male Fertility Playbook 

Our goal is to help you conceive a healthy baby. However, finding the right path to the end-zone can be challenging and requires strategy, opportunity, and teamwork. As part of your Baseline Assessment, you’ll receive our Male Fertility Playbook to help you win the game. 

This playbook is packed with all the information you need to focus on lifestyle and behavioral changes that can impact your fertility status. It will clear up any confusion that you may have about male fertility FAQs and persisting fertility myths, including things like: 

  • Boxers vs. Briefs? 
  • Do I need to cut out alcohol? 
  • Should I be taking a pre-natal vitamin? 

Your playbook will provide science-backed answers to help you understand what you should do to optimize your sperm.  

Get The Facts on Treating Male Infertility with our Assessment 

At Posterity Health, we believe in bringing equity to fertility, and we know that you are ready to be a part of that conversation. In the typical trying to conceive (TTC) timeline, males don’t enter the conversation, much less get tested, until well into a year of trying. Our Baseline Assessment will help you optimize your TTC timeline so that you can get pregnant as quickly as possible. 

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