We Help Your Patients Get Pregnant Faster

Posterity Health is the only digital male fertility platform that empowers males to learn about their fertility and take action.


Male Fertility Assessments Made Easy 

At Posterity Health, we assess the male partner while you evaluate the female partner. We make it easy for patients to complete their semen analysis either in-clinic or from the comfort of their home, our male fertility doctors and specialists will then: 

  • Review the semen analysis results and communicate the results to the male partner 
  • Offer a Male Fertility Workup for males with an abnormal factor 
  • Update the referring doctor every step of the way so they have a clear picture of the fertility status of both partners 

Early evaluation of the male partner is vital for conception. We believe it’s never too soon to rule out male factors that may contribute to pregnancy delays. That’s why we partner with OB/GYN offices, fertility clinics, and REIs all across Colorado and the rest of the U.S. to promote the simultaneous evaluation of both partners. 

How to Refer Your New Patient


It’s never too early to evaluate the male partner. There are 2 ways to refer your patient to Posterity Health. 

  1. Complete the referral form below and fax it to 469-935-8951. 
  2. Complete an electronic referral – please call us to establish electronic referrals through your EMR. 
Call Us: (720) 666-4739
Fax Us: (469) 935-8951 

Project AIM Accelerates the Male Assessment

Project AIM stands for “Access to Care, Inclusion of the Male Partner.” Project AIM is a national initiative to bring equity to fertility. We provide affordable fertility testing and fertility treatment services for any couple preparing to conceive or having trouble conceiving.

Take the right steps for your fertility by meeting in-person or virtually with one of our experienced male fertility specialists or reproductive urologists in Denver.

Top Benefits of Partnering with Posterity Health 

  • Provide early assessment for male factor abnormalities 
  • Convenient at-home or in-clinic semen analysis 
  • Male fertility support for semen analysis management and results communications 
  • Specialized resources for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) 
  • Expedite the time to pregnancy and shift the burden of care by including the male partner 

Achieve Better Outcomes for Your Patients with our Male Fertility Doctors 

We make it easy for males to assess their fertility and provide you with a summarized report on their sperm quality. By partnering with Posterity Health, our OB/GYN partners can evaluate both parties simultaneously to unite the couple, accelerate conception, and improve patient satisfaction.

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