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Dr. Barrett Cowan and Pamela Pure, Co-Founders of Posterity Health

I am a male fertility specialist. For the last 23 years, I have been working to help couples have a child. In many cases, the couples end up at my door after years of trying. Every year, I watch families struggle with infertility and I witness the joy and relief many experience when they finally hold their new baby.

Most people assume that getting pregnant is the “woman’s job” and often forget that it really does take two to tango. Statistics show that 1 in 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant and in over 50% of cases a male factor is involved, however men are rarely evaluated or treated. Although male fertility issues are common, men want to be strong and virile and often find it difficult to discuss or evaluate their fertility status. We live in a country with 19,000 OB/GYNs, 1,700 Reproductive Endocrinologists and less than 200 Male Fertility Specialists. As a result, we shouldn’t be surprised by the limited amount of information available on male fertility treatment or the fact that there is extremely limited access to experts in the field.

We created Posterity Health to change things. We want to educate, engage, and encourage couples to approach the conception process together as an integrated unit. We want to promote the proactive and concurrent evaluation of the male partner early in the process and we want men to understand that many male factor issues are treatable or reversible with specialized care. We have assembled a group of world renowned Male Fertility experts to create a treatment strategy that includes virtual visits, at home diagnostics, and in-person consults and we created the Posterity Health Male Fertility Alliance to make it easy for you to get the best care available. Finally, we work in partnership with OB/GYNS and Fertility Centers because we believe integrated couples care is the best way to create families.

We launched Posterity Health to raise awareness of the commonality of male factor issues, to eliminate the stigma that often inhibits action and to provide the very best male fertility care. Simply stated, we created Posterity Health because we share one collective goal, the birth of a healthy child.

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Posterity Health: Male Fertility Specialists and Reproductive Urologists in Denver

The Posterity Health Male Fertility Alliance

The Posterity Health Male Fertility Alliance is the only national network of Male Fertility Specialists. The Alliance members represent a select group of experts who specialize in Male Fertility treatment Our goal is to recruit and engage the best physicians so we can bring the best care to you.

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We partner with Fertility Centers, OB/GYNs, FBMs, Payers and Employers to provide the best holistic care for couples.

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