Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consultation

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Consult: Get Answers & Support

When a couple is trying to conceive, having a positive pregnancy test is often a moment of elation! That sense of elation quickly turns to devastation when a miscarriage occurs. Similar sentiments are felt when an IVF cycle fails. With IVF, couples invest an incredible amount of energy, emotion, and money into the process. While there are several potential causes for pregnancy loss or recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), our male fertility specialists can help you determine if sperm quality is a contributing factor.

What is Recurrent Pregnancy Loss? And How Can It Be Treated?

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is defined as two or more miscarriages or one failed in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.

While factors like egg quality, uterine lining, and hormonal issues can contribute to RPL, pregnancy loss may also be tied to sperm quality. In many cases, RPL is caused by factors that affect both partners.

Sperm quality is a key contributor to having a full-term pregnancy. Poor sperm morphology (i.e., the size and shape) and the fragmentation of DNA inside the sperm may lead to recurrent pregnancy loss. Many of these male infertility factors may be reversible or treatable. At Posterity Health in Denver, our RPL consultation includes a full male fertility evaluation and an opportunity to discuss your situation with a trained male fertility specialist.

Our RPL Consult and Treatment


Posterity Health is the only clinic in Colorado and one of the few across the U.S. that offers RPL consultations for males. Each consultation is specialized to the unique experience and needs of the male partner. Our RPL consult includes:

  1. A comprehensive review of your personal history 
  2. A detailed review of your reproductive history 
  3. A physical exam or scrotal ultrasound  
  4. Diagnostic testing, as appropriate (e.g., semen analysis, DNA fragmentation testing, etc.)  
  5. A follow-up discussion of our findings and recommendations (i.e., your treatment plan) 

Personal History of the Male Partner 

To uncover the potential cause of recurrent pregnancy loss, we need to understand the full history of the male partner. During your initial appointment, you’ll meet with one of our male fertility specialists either virtually or in-clinic. We encourage your partner to attend as well. 

Posterity Health will gain a detailed understanding of your history and reproductive health, including:

  • Medical issues and past surgeries
  • Reproductive history
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviors

Your Physical Exam  

The next part of our RPL consult is a quick “look under the hood” in a private setting with one of our experienced reproductive urologists. This exam allows us to check for physical abnormalities or concerns that may be contributing to male factor infertility. Your physician may opt to order a scrotal ultrasound in lieu of the physical exam. 

Diagnostic Testing 

A semen analysis may not be needed with each RPL consultation, but it is nevertheless an important evaluation. Your semen analysis will provide an in-depth review of the quality of your sperm. Additional diagnostics may be ordered to understand the condition of your chromosomes and to check for DNA fragmentation in your sperm. 

Your Follow-Up to the RPL Consultation 

The last step of our process is another telehealth or in-clinic appointment with your male fertility specialist. We will reconvene to go over the results of your diagnostics, define male factors (if any) contributing to RPL, and provide expert recommendations on next steps. We will even develop a detailed treatment plan for you to help address infertility factors and provide the best possible outcome for you and your partner. 

Find Answers and Support with our RPL Consult

Patients come to Posterity Health from across North America. We are passionate about helping couples build their families and we understand the heartbreak of failed pregnancies. We strive to deliver the answers that you and your partner have been looking for.  

If you’ve experienced RPL, we encourage you to schedule an RPL consultation with Posterity Health today.