Sperm Preservation

Keep the option open to have kids by freezing your sperm with Posterity Health.


Cryopreservation: Freeze Your Sperm and Preserve Your Fertility  

If you see a family in your future, it may be worthwhile to consider freezing your sperm to preserve that option. Freezing sperm may be the right option if there’s something in your history that would impact your fertility, or if you are undergoing any medical treatment that could affect your sperm. 

Unlike other options for banking sperm, Posterity Health provides a concierge level of service guiding you through the cryopreservation process to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Who Should Freeze Sperm? 

Any male interested in preserving their fertility should consider freezing sperm, but there are certain situations that make it a high priority. These include: 

  • Age (over 35) – The biological clock affects everyone! Sperm quality can start to decline at age 40. If you’re interested in having kids later in life, it may make sense to freeze your sperm before its quality declines. 
  • Cancer – In the face of a difficult cancer diagnosis, freezing sperm can offer peace of mind and hope for building a family post-cancer treatments or procedures.  
  • Gender-affirming therapy – This can include hormonal treatments or surgeries that could impact fertility. It’s best to freeze sperm in advance to ensure you have options in the future.  

Even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, it never hurts to have the assurance that comes with banking sperm. After all, why not? 

What’s Included in our Fertility Preservation Service? 

You deserve to have peace of mind about your fertility, now and in the future. That’s why our Fertility Preservation service goes far beyond just freezing and storing your semen.

Our safe, affordable, and accessible sperm preservation package is structured to be educational, supportive, and above all else, personalized. It includes three important services: 

  1. Fertility Preservation Introduction 

  2. Sample Collection, Evaluation, & Testing 
  3. A Fertility Preservation Review 

Sperm Preservation Introduction 

Before sending you the collection kit, Posterity Health takes the time to first understand you and your story. During a 30-minute Fertility Preservation Introduction (telehealth), our male fertility specialists will take the time to get to know you and your situation, the reasons why you’re banking your sperm, and how we can best support your fertility goals. We encourage you to include your partner on this telehealth appointment so you’re both informed through the process. 

Additionally, we use this telehealth consultation to educate patients on all things related to fertility preservation. We’ll discuss things like: 

  • How the sperm preservation process works (e.g., testing, freezing, thawing, etc.) 
  • Understanding when you would need to bank multiple samples to align with your family building goals 
  • Options and considerations for the use of cryopreserved sperm including intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor eggs, and/or use of a gestational carrier (surrogacy) 

Testing and Freezing Your Sperm 

Following your Fertility Preservation Introduction, we’ll send you an at-home kit for testing and freezing. 

Unlike other options to freeze your sperm, we start off with a semen analysis to ensure everything looks good. The semen analysis will reveal quantitative data and functional information about the health of your sample. 

Our partner lab will freeze your sperm, and then thaw a small portion of your deposit to learn how your sperm will survive the process. This crucial step will help inform us how your sample can be used in the future, and if we should plan to bank more samples depending on your family building goals. We then move forward with the safe and secure storage process.  

Our initial Fertility Preservation package includes 1 at-home kit and 1 year of storage at our partner’s FDA approved storage site. If additional kits are needed for more cycles of freezing, discounts may be applied. 

Is it Safe to Freeze Sperm? 

Yes! The fertility preservation process is safe and non-invasive. Collection can be completed from the comfort of your own home. The freeze-thaw process is the only way to determine how your sperm will respond to the freezing process. The freeze-thaw results review will determine if additional samples are needed. The goal is to ensure you have enough quality sperm preserved to build the family you envision in the future. 

Follow-Up Review on Banking Your Sperm 

At Posterity Health, our goal is to help you and your partner have a healthy baby when you are ready. That’s why we will round out your fertility preservation experience with a follow-up telehealth appointment with one of our male fertility specialists. 

During this 30-minute review, we’ll discuss the results of your semen analysis and your freeze-thaw test to help you understand what they mean for your future. If, for instance, your semen analysis was significantly abnormal, we would work to figure out why and develop a treatment plan to improve your sperm. Or, if 90% of your sperm died during the freeze-thaw test, we’ll discuss potential causes and facilitate freezing of additional samples to ensure you have peace of mind that those sperm will be able to create your family down the road. 

Additionally, we’ll provide recommendations for your overall fertility and family building plan, and how to best connect with you down the line when you are ready to start that family.  

For Your Own Posterity, Bank Your Sperm Today 

At Posterity Health, we will give you the confidence that your sperm will be safe and ready to use when you need it. Our comprehensive approach is entirely based on your needs, your future, and your kids’ future, and we will deliver the best possible outcome that you could have for your future fertility. Whether you’re undergoing gender-affirming therapy, cancer treatment, or just want an insurance policy for your future, we can help meet your reproductive health needs. 

Contact Posterity Health today for a free 10-minute consultation with our male fertility experts.