Who We Are and Who We Help 

Posterity Health is the only digital male fertility clinic that empowers you to learn about your fertility and take action. Our team of male fertility specialists can offer you personalized advice, educational resources, and effective treatments to help address your fertility needs. Whether you’re having difficulty conceiving a baby or just want to assess your fertility proactively, we offer an array of male fertility treatments and services to help build your family. 

Trying to get pregnant or having trouble?


Get a Semen Analysis to check your fertility.


Received an Abnormal Semen Analysis Result?


The Male Fertility Workup is for you.


Suffered from pregnancy loss?


See if our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss consult is for you.


Need A Second Opinion?



Get another set of eyes on your fertility diagnosis.


Starting Gender Affirmative Care?


We can help you achieve your dreams of parenthood.


Need to freeze your sperm?


Our Fertility Preservation Consult can help you plan for the future.


Want a child, but had a vasectomy?


A Vasectomy Reversal may be the Answer.


Dr. Walker pulled me from an absolute whirlpool of bureaucracy and frustration when I was trying to get a genetic sample frozen. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping people are undeniable, and you can tell she really cares when you talk with her. I strongly recommend her for any reproductive needs.

– Matt K.

Our Promise as Male Fertility Experts 

It’s Private, Easy, and Comfortable 

The Posterity Health technology platform allows you to get the answers you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Work with Only the Best-of-the-Best

Male fertility is all we do. We’ve assembled the best male fertility specialists in the world to provide the top-rated service you deserve. 

Your One Stop-Shop for Every Male Fertility Need

We offer in-home testing and treatments, telehealth evaluations, in-person care, and surgical procedures when needed.

We Actively Support the LGBTQIA+ Community

In our welcoming, respectful, and inclusive environment, we support everyone on their journey to parenthood.

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

Call us today for a free 10-minute consultation with our male fertility specialists: (720) 666-4739


The Posterity Health Medical Advisory Board

We’ve assembled a prestigious team of medical professionals and reproductive urologists across the country.

Posterity Health: Male Fertility Specialists

We Partner with Fertility Centers and OB/GYNs Across the Country 

We are firm believers in Integrated Couples Care: both partners should be evaluated simultaneously to holistically determine the best path to parenthood. That’s why we partner with fertility centers, reproductive urologists, and OB/GYNS across the U.S. to incorporate our recommendations with your partner’s plan. 


What You Need to Know About Male Fertility 

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