Fertility Preservation for Gender Affirming Care

Learn how we can help you keep the door open for kids down the road as you explore and embrace your identity. 


Fertility Preservation for Gender Diverse Individuals 

Gender-affirmative care (or gender affirming care) supports you in the journey to embrace who you truly are and fully realize your own identity. As you embark on your journey, it’s important to determine if you’ll want biological children in the future. Gender-affirming care will likely affect your sperm production, but there are preservation options available. At Posterity Health, we offer the insights and resources you need to freeze your sperm and preserve your fertility down the line. 

To learn more about this service, we recommend booking a free 10-minute consultation with our fertility experts.


Fertility Preservation Consult 

Our fertility preservation consult seeks to support and counsel individuals and partners who are interested in freezing sperm. Our fertility specialists will help optimize your sperm quality, facilitate an approach to preservation, and empower your future conception efforts. 

Your fertility preservation consult will include 3 main steps: 

  1. Fertility Preservation Introduction 
  2. Sample Collection, Evaluation, & Testing 
  3. Fertility Preservation Review 

Your Fertility Preservation Introduction 

This informational session offers general fertility insights and personalized counseling for your preservation needs. During this telehealth appointment, your fertility specialist will: 

  • Understand the spectrum of your gender-affirming care (e.g., tucking, medical hormonal therapy, surgical treatments, etc.) 
  • Provide evidence-based research on the effects of gender-affirming care on your future fertility 
  • Discuss what you can expect from our semen analysis and freezing your sperm 
  • Outline options to use cryo preserved sperm (e.g., IUI, IVF, donor eggs, surrogacy, etc.) 

Collecting, Evaluating, and Testing Your Sample 

Posterity Health will mail an at-home semen collection kit with overnight return shipping included. Follow the instructions to complete your sample and return it.  

Your sample will be mailed to a renowned academic university and CLIA certified andrology laboratory for analysis and cryopreservation. They’ll conduct a semen sustainability evaluation (also called a “freeze-thaw” test) to understand how your sperm will survive in freezing conditions and the thawing process. All to determine if it will be usable in the future. Our partnering lab will also conduct infectious disease testing as recommended by the FDA and required by fertility clinics for future use of sperm. 

Your Fertility Preservation Review 

We will schedule a follow-up telehealth consultation with you to share your semen analysis results and discuss next steps with you. Results will be communicated with your provider(s) of choice. This follow-up appointment will include: 

  • An in-depth review and interpretation of your semen analysis (e.g., sperm motility, morphology, etc.). 
    • If we receive an abnormal semen analysis, we’ll discuss underlying causes and a treatment plan for you. 
    • The semen analysis will also determine whether your sperm quantity is sufficient for conception. If not, you may need to freeze additional samples. 
  • A detailed review of the freeze-thaw results to confirm that your sperm survives the process. 
  • An outline of your overall fertility preservation plan. 
  • Recommendations for follow up as you proceed through your gender-affirming care. 

Regardless of Your Situation, We Can Freeze Your Sperm 

We are proud to offer fertility preservation for transgender and gender diverse individuals, and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. We also provide specialized cryo preservation consultations for those who: 

  • Have recently been diagnosed with cancer or are undergoing cancer treatments 
  • Are over 35  
  • Are seeking proactive preservation 
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Embrace Your Future and Preserve Your Fertility Today 


Whether you’re interested in freezing your sperm before hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or you’re exploring your gender identity, we can help at Posterity Health. We strive to provide comprehensive fertility care to patients in need of fertility preservation, regardless of their situation. Our care is affordable and accessible, and we will deliver the best possible outcome that you could have for your future fertility. 

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