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Welcome to Posterity Health: a digital male fertility platform that covers the entire U.S. and with an office in Denver, Colorado. We offer couples educational resources, personalized fertility counseling, and effective male fertility treatments to assist with conception. If you and your partner are trying to conceive and you’re interested in optimizing your fertility status, contact our male fertility experts for help in Colorado today.

What We Offer

Trying to get pregnant or having trouble?


Get a Semen Analysis to check your fertility.


Received an Abnormal Semen Analysis Result?


The Male Fertility Workup is for you.


Suffered from pregnancy loss?


See if our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss consult is for you.


Need A Second Opinion?


Get another set of eyes on your fertility diagnosis.

Gender Affirming Care Consultation

Starting Gender Affirmative Care?


We can help you achieve your dreams of parenthood.


Need to freeze your sperm?


Our Fertility Preservation Consult can help you plan for the future.


Want a child, but had a vasectomy?


A Vasectomy Reversal may be the Answer.


Looking for permanent birth control?


A vasectomy is the most effective method of male birth control.


Worried about your testosterone?


Explore your options for Low T treatments.


Who We Are and How We Support Male Fertility in Colorado

When couples experience infertility issues, the female’s fertility is often evaluated in depth for more than a year before the male partner’s fertility is assessed. This increases the amount of time it takes to conceive and puts undue stress on the female partner. This is the reason Posterity Health was established.

We have put together a team of top male fertility experts across the country to bring equity to fertility care and encourage the simultaneous evaluation of both partners. At our Denver male fertility clinic, we provide a wide range of male fertility services and educational resources to achieve your fertility goals. With our digital health platform, you can get your fertility status assessed and speak with our male fertility specialists from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, we provide procedures, like a vasectomy reversal, with specialty-trained microsurgeons in Denver. No matter where you are on your path to pregnancy, we can provide the personalized support you need for male fertility in Denver, CO.

Dr. Walker pulled me from an absolute whirlpool of bureaucracy and frustration when I was trying to get a genetic sample frozen. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping people are undeniable, and you can tell she really cares when you talk with her. I strongly recommend her for any reproductive needs.

– Matt K.

Meet Posterity Health’s Colorado Clinical Team

Dr. Barrett Cowan, MD

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer 
Kelly Walker, MD: The Medical Director of Posterity Health

Kelly Walker, MD

Medical Director

Coverage for Male Fertility Care

Our goal is to provide affordable care. Insurance coverage varies by state and plan. Posterity Health partners with several companies that provide fertility benefits outside of what is offered by traditional insurance plans. Posterity Health’s fertility benefit partners include: ProgynyMavenCare CreditCarrot, and Livestrong Fertility. You can also use your HSA/FSA account to pay for services.

Denver Male Fertility Clinic

9100 E. Panorama Drive, Suite 250
Centennial, CO 80112

Office: 720-666-4739
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What You Need to Know About Male Fertility 

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