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We Unify the Experts

Posterity Health helps men take charge of their fertility. We partner with Male Fertility Specialists, fertility centers, primary care providers, OB/GYNS, payers and Fertility Benefit Managers and make it easy for couples to obtain the support, guidance and care that they need.

Enjoy a successful and healthy pregnancy with our Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) consultation.

Fertility Centers

Partnering with Posterity Health will allow you to provide specialized male fertility services. Working together we can provide integrated and comprehensive care allowing both partners to approach the conception process together, as an integrated unit.

Our fertility center partners realize that actively treating male infertility is an essential part of a more inclusive process.


Posterity Health partners with OB/GYNs to assess, “both partners” when a couple is preparing to conceive or experiencing trouble conceiving. We make it easy to include the male, providing home based diagnostics. Working together, both partners can be evaluated simultaneously, accelerating conception, and improving patient satisfaction.

During an in-clinic visit, you can speak directly with one of our experienced reproductive urologists or male fertility specialists to get the facts about your male fertility.

Payers, Employers and FBMs

Payers, Employers and Fertility Benefit Managers (FBMs) are focused on the successful delivery of a healthy child in a cost-effective manner.

Partnering with Posterity Health will allow you to offer your members broad programmatic male fertility services. This is critically important as the male factor is often left undiagnosed and untreated.

Working more aggressively to resolve male factor issues will eliminate unnecessary care and increase the chances of conception.