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Posterity Health is the only digital male fertility platform that empowers males to learn about their fertility and take action.


Your Partner in Male Fertility Care

Posterity Health offers a unique and inclusive care model to bring male fertility care to your fertility center. Our Male Fertility Center of Excellence provides virtual and in person services facilitating the delivery of Integrated Couples Care. This approach emphasizes the simultaneous evaluation of both partners, uniting the couple. Posterity Health Reproductive Urologists become an extension of your team and work closely with the REIs to evaluate and treat both partners, helping every couple find their best path to pregnancy

How to Refer Your Patient


It’s never too early to evaluate the male partner. There are 2 ways to refer your patient to Posterity Health. 

  1. Complete the referral form below and fax it to 469-935-8951. 
  2. Complete an electronic referral – please call us to establish electronic referrals through your EMR. 
Call Us: (720) 666-4739
Fax Us: (469) 935-8951 

Causes of Infertility

In 1/3 of cases where couples are struggling to conceive it is due to male infertility, and another 1/3 of the time male infertility is a contributing factor.

Sperm Matters

While males contribute to 50% of infertility cases, they are often overlooked and undiagnosed. Our goal is to make it easy for patients to receive expert male fertility services in your facility.

  • Studies show that sperm quality contributes to positive IUI and IVF outcomes, both sperm count and morphology impact fertilization rates.
  • Similarly, sperm may be a factor in couples who are experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).

Value to Your Fertility Center

  • Increase Revenue: Our goal is to make it easy for male patients to get their labs and procedures completed on site, in your fertility center. This keeps the couple united in their journey and creates an opportunity for incremental revenue generation.
  • Access to Male Fertility Benefits: Posterity Health services are covered by Fertility Benefit Managers. We work with you to provide a seamless pre-authorization process for the couple.
  • Minimize Dropout Rates: Including both partners in the process will drive additional engagement and reduce the dropout rate.
  • Unique Service Offering: Our services offer a competitive advantage for your center. We can manage all your abnormal semen analyses to make sure all males get the care they need. We also provide specialty consults like Recurrent Pregnancy Loss an Gender Affirmation Care.

Value to Your Fertility Center

  • Expedited Care: We ensure immediate access to male fertility experts, the male partner is no longer responsible for finding an appointment on their own.
  • Telehealth: Many males prefer telehealth and the opportunity to include their partners. We can schedule telehealth appointments in as little as 48 hours.
  • Expertise: Our Digital Health Platform gives the couple access to education and expert
  • Improved Outcomes: Male fertility treatment plans improve success rates for IUI and IVF.

Male Fertility Program

Full Suite of Male Fertility Services

Step 1

Semen Analysis Results Communication

Semen Analysis results communicated by a male fertility specialist. Digital Health Platform to provide education and lifestyle coaching.

Step 2

Male Fertility Workup

Male Work-Up provided “under your roof”, immediate access to a team of Reproductive Urologists.

Step 3


On-site procedures working side by side with your embryologist.

Step 4

Semen Analysis Results Communication

Specialty Consults include Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Second Opinions and Gender Affirmation.

Posterity Health partners with Fertility Centers to help the couple find their best path to pregnancy.

Male Fertility Assessments Made Easy 

At Posterity Health, we assess the male partner while you evaluate the female partner. We make it easy for patients to complete their semen analysis either in-clinic or from the comfort of their home, our male fertility doctors and specialists will then: 

  • Review the semen analysis results and communicate the results to the male partner 
  • Offer a Male Fertility Workup for males with an abnormal factor 
  • Update the referring doctor every step of the way so they have a clear picture of the fertility status of both partners 

Early evaluation of the male partner is vital for conception. We believe it’s never too soon to rule out male factors that may contribute to pregnancy delays. That’s why we partner with OB/GYN offices, fertility clinics, and REIs all across Colorado and the rest of the U.S. to promote the simultaneous evaluation of both partners.