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We offer a combination of virtual visits, at-home diagnostics, and in-person consults to assess and improve your fertility status.

Preconception Playbook

We provide lifestyle and behavioral tips that are proven to increase your chances of having a baby. Talk to a male fertility specialist by yourself or with your partner.

This Preconception Playbook is for men or couples who are thinking about having children and want to be proactive.

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Baseline Assessment

You don’t want to get your results, you want to “get results”, that’s why each Baseline Assessment includes an at home semen analysis and a conversation with one of our fertility specialists. We give you a digestible summary of your fertility status, including potential causes of any abnormalities.

This Baseline Assessment is for men and couples who are eager to take charge and are planning to become parents.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Abnormal semen analysis? Join the club – 1/8 couples have trouble conceiving and in over 50% of cases a male factor is involved. Not to worry, we can help. We begin with a two-visit process that includes a detailed assessment, comprehensive evaluation and a go-forward plan. When needed, we make it easy to get additional diagnostic testing and lab work without leaving your home. You spend time with our world-renowned physicians who have the expertise and experience required to design your personalized treatment plan. Your plan may include lifestyle changes, medications, and hormonal treatments, and in some cases, medical procedures.

The Comprehensive Treatment Plan is for men with an abnormal semen analysis.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) Consultation

Poor IVF outcomes and recurrent pregnancy losses (RPL) may be the consequence of a variety of factors. More and more evidence suggests that sperm quality may be a factor in many of these cases. The RPL consult is designed to help you if you have either failed multiple IVF cycles at any stage, or have successfully conceived, but suffered through multiple miscarriages. The RPL consult consists of a thorough evaluation of your conception history and/or IVF history and a complete review of the male’s lifestyle, medical history, and physical exam. The goal of this evaluation is to assess whether there is a male factor present and if so, to offer a treatment plan to improve the chance of successful conception and birth of a healthy child.

Second Opinions

Patients come to see us from all over the world. We help those with even the most complex male fertility issues. We conduct a detailed review of all previous records and complete a current evaluation. All we do is male fertility, that’s why our physicians often recommend additional or alternative treatment options.

The Second Opinion Consult is for men with an abnormal semen analysis and who have already seen a urologist.

Vasectomy Reversal Consult

This appointment is for men who have had a vasectomy and now wish to conceive a child. We determine if you’re a good candidate for a vasectomy reversal. If so, we perform the procedure and focus relentlessly on helping you achieve your goal, natural conception.

Sperm Cryopreservation Consult

The Sperm Cryopreservation consult helps you determine if you should bank your sperm prior to cancer treatment, vasectomy, gender transition or if you’re simply getting ahead of sperm deterioration associated with aging.

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Fertility Procedures

When indicated, Posterity Health Male Fertility Specialists provide state of the art surgical procedures. Common procedures include Vasectomy Reversal and Microscopic Varicocele Repair. We also perform surgical sperm extractions for IVF, including testicular microdissection and minimally invasive sperm retrievals.