Baseline Assessment

Order a semen analysis either in-clinic or at-home and our male fertility specialists will discuss your results with you during a fertility consultation.


Indiana Semen Analysis and Baseline Assessment: A Reliable Path Towards Pregnancy

If you and your partner want to have kids in the near future, then it’s important for both of you to assess your fertility status. At Posterity Health, we can help you understand your fertility, assess for any infertility factors, and get you on track to a successful pregnancy. Our Baseline Assessment provides you with a semen analysis in Indiana, a comprehensive review of your results, telehealth consultations with a male fertility specialist, and more to help improve your fertility.

We understand that you want to achieve a healthy pregnancy quickly and easily. Unfortunately, infertility affects both males and females equally. It’s estimated that 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving; in 1/3 of cases the cause is due to male factor infertility, and in another 1/3 of cases both male and female partners contribute equally. At Posterity Health, we help couples be more proactive about their fertility status by giving males access to expert fertility care services, without having to leave your home.

In 1/3 of cases where couples are struggling to conceive it is due to male infertility, and another 1/3 of the time male infertility is a contributing factor.

Everyone wants to be able to conceive quickly and easily. 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving children. One-third of the time the cause is due to a male factor, and one-third of the time both partners contribute equally (source: Posterity Health can help couples who are struggling to conceive by giving males access to expert fertility care, from the comfort of their home.

Our Baseline Assessment: We Go Beyond a Simple Semen Analysis

We’ve structured our Baseline Assessment package to include much more than just a semen analysis in Indiana. In your package, you gain:

  • 24/7 access to the Posterity Health Digital Health Platform. Our DHP offers a wealth of educational resources on male fertility and many easy-to-follow videos to guide you through your Baseline Assessment.
  • Semen Analysis Kit – You can complete your sample either in-clinic or at-home (yes, legit at-home testing). Through our Digital Health Platform, you can access our “How To: SA” video for advice on how to appropriately complete your collection.
  • Results Review – During your telehealth consultation with one of our experienced male fertility specialists, you’ll discuss:
    • Your semen analysis results and what they mean for your current fertility status
    • A personalized telehealth review with a male fertility specialist
    • Recommendations for the most appropriate next steps for your needs

With our Baseline Assessment package, you get a lot more than just a few results about your sperm sample. You’ll receive science-backed advice and reliable information on any infertility issues that you may have in an easy, convenient, and understandable way.

In-Home Test Kit


Indiana Semen Analysis

All of our semen analysis kits, both in-clinic and at-home, are CLIA certified and doctor recommended.

When you order an at-home semen analysis in Indiana, we will send your kit directly to your home. All you need to do is simply follow the instructions to complete the collection and return the sample in the mail. We include return shipping labels in the package to ensure your sample goes directly to the lab. Within just a few business days, the semen analysis results are sent to our clinical team and added to your personal dashboard in our Digital Health Platform.

We also offer in-clinic semen analyses in Indiana at many partnering fertility centers.


Telehealth Appointment

Once your results are available, Posterity Health will notify you that the results are ready to view. After you log in, we encourage you to watch our video, “SA: Results Basics,” for a general overview of what your results mean. If you receive “normal” results, then your sperm health is likely in good shape. But, it’s a good idea to further optimize your swimmers with a male fertility supplement. Plus, we encourage all patients to explore the resource library to widen your knowledge on male fertility and the role you play during conception.

If you receive “abnormal” results, we’ll schedule a results review telehealth appointment with one of our male fertility experts to discuss your results in-depth. At this meeting, we’ll use our years of experience and extensive fertility knowledge to help you figure out what comes next. Please feel free to bring your partner to the telehealth appointment as well.

Male Fertility 101

To round out your fertility knowledge, we will provide you with access to Fertility 101 during your Baseline Assessment. This material covers “everything you didn’t learn in sex ed.”

Fertility 101 takes a deep dive into many differing fertility subjects from the anatomy of reproductive systems to ovulation tracking during the fertile window and various factors that may negatively affect your fertility. We even discuss things like fertility supplements and how antioxidants influence sperm health.

Male Fertility Playbook

We also include our Male Fertility Playbook in every Baseline Assessment. This detailed document provides everything you need to know about minor and major lifestyle and behavioral changes that can impact your fertility status. It’s loaded with quality information and educational insights that will clarify any confusion about male fertility FAQS and persistent fertility myths, such as:

  • Boxers vs. Briefs?
  • Do I need to cut out alcohol?
  • Should I be taking a pre-natal vitamin?

Our Male Fertility Playbook will provide well-researched answers to help you understand how to best improve your sperm quality.

Learn How to Treat Male Infertility with Our Semen Analysis in Indianapolis

At Posterity Health, our mission is to bring equity to fertility healthcare by helping couples find the fastest path to pregnancy. In the majority of trying to conceive (TTC) timelines, the male partner doesn’t usually enter the conversation until the couple has been trying to conceive for over a year. Our Baseline Assessment package will help you get the evaluation process started quicker so you can optimize your TTC timeline and get pregnant as soon as possible.

Schedule your free consultation for a semen analysis in Indiana to get started today.