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Your Trusted Partner in Male Fertility and Sexual Health

Your Trusted Partner in Male Fertility and Sexual Health

Today, 1 in 6 couples have trouble conceiving and 50 percent of the time a male factor or sperm quality issue is involved. Males typically wait 22 months before they complete a basic fertility assessment. Don’t wait! You’re in the right place. 

Posterity Health works to accelerate your fertility journey, we help your partner avoid unnecessary testing and we work diligently to reduce the stigma and eliminate the emotional uncertainty and stress associated with infertility. We focus on treating you holistically looking at your fertility, sexual health, and hormone health to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to start a family now or simply take steps to optimize your health. We’re here to help you get started!

Fertility Assessment


Take the first step – assess your fertility status at home. Simply follow the kit instructions, collect your sample, and return the kit in the mail. 

Male Fertility Care

Male Fertility Care
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If you have an abnormal semen analysis we provide expert, personalized care in 72 hours.

Sexual Health


We empower males to manage their sexual wellness. Our goal is to help every male optimize their performance.

Low Testosterone


Over 3 million men suffer from low testosterone (Low-T). If you feel fatigue, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain or moodiness, let’s talk. 

We’ve Teamed Up with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

“We started Cost Plus Drugs to make medications more affordable and accessible. In addition, we hope to make people healthier and to encourage those impacted by medical conditions to take action,” said Mark Cuban, Founder of Cost Plus Drugs. “It is time to break the stigma around male fertility and men’s sexual health. Treatment for these conditions is often life changing. Working together with Posterity Health, we can help more men receive the care and treatment they need to become healthier fathers.” 

Not sure where to start? Contact Us. 

We provide access to Reproductive Urologists, a highly specialized group of physicians who diagnose and treat male fertility and other sexual health Issues. Instead of waiting months or skipping treatment all together, we have the resources to help you obtain expert care in 72 hours.


Patient Testimonials

With Posterity Health and Dr. Bakare's help, my husband went from "no sperm seen" to over a hundred thousand and I was able to have 13 embryos fertilized. Most will never know how complex and emotionally challenging the fertility process is, but I am very thankful for everyone in the company.

Tolulope Bakare, MDRecent Patient Testimonial

I would highly recommend Dr. Masson. My husband had 0 sperm count, unfortunately they couldn't find sperm, so Dr. Masson did surgery to retrieve it and froze tons! Kind, warm and extremely helpful to us from the beginning.

Puneet Masson, MDRecent Patient Testimonial

Dr. Pollard and the Posterity Health team provide patient-centered care at its best. He’s extremely competent in his field but takes the time to ask questions to ensure his prescribed course of action fits with the patient’s experiences and comfort level. I also never felt rushed in his office as he patiently responded to my questions. Highly recommend!

Matthew Pollard, MDRecent Patient Testimonial

My husband and I travelled to Colorado from Toronto, Canada to see Dr. Cowan. He performed a less invasive procedure on my husband than we expected to retrieve sperm for IVF. We got more embryos from this round of IVF than our four previous rounds combined!
Dr. Cowan is not only highly skilled but also one of the most caring and personable doctors we have ever encountered. We highly recommend Posterity Health.

Barrett Cowan, MDRecent Patient Testimonial

Dr Walker, at Posterity Health, was the person who pulled me from an absolute whirlpool of bureaucracy and frustration when I was trying to get a genetic sample frozen. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping people is undeniable and you can tell she really cares when you talk with her. I strongly recommend her for any reproductive needs, if she can't help, I'm confident she will get you in touch with someone who can.

Kelly Walker, MDRecent Patient Testimonial

“I saw many specialists for my condition before I found Dr. Kovac. Immediately, he gave me the comfort and reassurance I needed, that he could help me. Dr. Kovac is knowledgeable, approachable and listens, and I would highly recommend him.

Jason R. Kovac, MD/PhDRecent Patient Testimonial