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It’s never been easier to get your fertility tested right from your own home! With an at-home sperm test, you can easily assess your fertility status and learn if there are issues regarding your sperm health. But, how does the testing process work? Are at-home semen tests accurate?

Our sole focus at Posterity Health is male fertility. As such, we understand male fertility tests like no other and can offer guidance on these at-home assessments. Let’s dive into the top FAQs regarding at-home semen tests.

What Types of At-Home Sperm Tests Are Available?

There are many different at-home male fertility tests that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The majority of these tests fall into two categories.

First, there are rapid tests that you can purchase mainly at local drug stores and a few online retailers. These tests typically measure sperm count and can provide results within an hour. However, these rapid sperm tests are not always accurate and often sacrifice quality for a lower price.

On the other hand, you can order at-home male fertility kits online that are shipped to your home and then mailed to a lab for testing. These assessments, often called semen analyses, will provide details about all your semen parameters, including:

  • Semen volume and concentration
  • Sperm count
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm morphology
  • Acidity (pH)

Are Home Semen Tests Accurate?

If you want a comprehensive evaluation of your fertility status, then the lab-tested semen analysis is right for you. If you use a semen analysis kit that you send to a testing laboratory, you can trust that the test results will be 100% accurate.

Many common factors of infertility may be missed by rapid home sperm tests. Most home semen tests only measure one factor (usually sperm count). Even if you have a high sperm count, you may have other unknown infertility factors affecting your sperm.

When Should I Order a Home Semen Analysis?

It’s a good idea for every male to order a semen analysis sooner rather than later. This way, you’ll have an understanding of your fertility status and whether you need to seek treatment.

However, you should order a sperm testing kit as soon as possible if:

  • You and your partner want to have kids and are beginning to try
  • You and your partner have been trying to conceive for at least 12 months without success
  • You’ve reversed your vasectomy and need to verify the operation succeeded
  • You want to freeze your sperm in the near future
  • You’re about to begin cancer treatment
  • You’re about to begin gender-affirming care

What’s Included in My Test Kit?

Every home sperm test is a little different and will include different things in the product package. At Posterity Health, we’ve structured our at-home semen analysis to include:

  • A sample collection cup
  • Instructions on how to prepare your sample for evaluation
  • Information on how to return the sample for testing
  • And a pre-paid shipping label

We take things one step further with our at-home sperm tests by making our service comprehensive, educational, and personalized. With your semen analysis, you’ll gain:

  • 24/7 Access to our Digital Health Platform. Through this, you can access educational resources on male fertility, insightful videos, and more, like:
    • Fertility 101 – An educational piece that covers “everything you didn’t learn in sex ed.”
    • Male Fertility Playbook – All the information you need to improve your fertility status and address any FAQs you may have.
  • A private telehealth appointment with one of our male fertility specialists. At this meeting, they’ll discuss the results of your semen analysis, address the implications for your fertility, and recommend the most appropriate next steps.

Learn more about our Baseline Assessment today.

What Do My Results Mean?

After completing your at-home sperm test, you may get “abnormal” results. This can be very confusing to read and understand, especially without a follow-up conversation with a male fertility expert.

“Abnormal” results simply mean that one of your semen parameters does not meet “normal” parameters. For instance, if your rapid test indicates “abnormal” results, then your sperm concentration may be below the normal 15 million/mL-200 million/mL concentration.

Many instances of “abnormal” results can be corrected through lifestyle changes or other fertility treatments. If you utilize a mail-in home fertility test, your tester will provide a detailed breakdown of your results and what each one means.

Should I Abstain Before Taking My Test?

It is generally recommended that you abstain from sex or masturbation for roughly 2 to 7 days before testing your sample.

Where Can I Get an At-Home Semen Analysis?

Right here at Posterity Health! At a leading digital male fertility clinic, we specialize in testing and treating male infertility issues.

Our Baseline Assessment will provide the most accurate results possible. And your follow-up telehealth appointment will help you better understand your results and what you can do to improve your semen quality.

Order Your At-Home Sperm Test Today

No matter where you are on your path to parenthood, Posterity Health can lend a helping hand. We can guide you from fertility testing to treatment, and offer a wide range of male fertility services to help with any fertility challenges or issues.

Schedule your free consultation with our male fertility doctors today to get started with your at-home sperm test.

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