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If you’ve had a vasectomy and your family plans have changed, a vasectomy reversal may be an option to restore your fertility. If you are considering having a vasectomy reversal in Indiana, it is important to assess whether you are in fact a good candidate for this procedure. Consulting with an experienced, well trained reproductive urologist should be the first step. These physicians specialize in male fertility issues and have extensive training and experience in performing microscopic surgical procedures, such as vasectomy reversals.

Here are a few other ways that you should prepare for your procedure.

Speak With Your Microsurgeon

At Posterity Health, we start every process to reverse a vasectomy with a consultation with one of our physicians. At this consultation, we’ll discuss your fertility needs, available options and assess which is your best solution.

That consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to gain key insights about the procedure and learn how you can prepare for the big day. Here are a few questions that we recommend asking your microsurgeon:

  • Am I a good candidate for a vasectomy reversal?
  • What’s the difference between the surgical techniques of a vasovasostomy and a vasoepididymostomy?
  • Are there any activities that I should avoid during the week of my procedure?
  • Is there anything that I can do to improve my chances of a successful vasectomy reversal?
  • What should I expect from my recovery?

Make Transportation Plans

During your procedure, you’ll be given general anesthesia. That means you will be unconscious during the operation and won’t be aware of what’s going on. Once it’s all done, you’ll wake up from your procedure in the recovery room, and after spending an hour or so in recovery, you will be discharged home. Because you will be unable to drive a car for at least 48 hours, you will need a ride home with a trusted person after your procedure.

Make sure you have a driver ready to pick you up after your vasectomy reversal in Indiana. Trust us: even if you feel like you’re good to drive, you and everyone else on the road will be glad to have someone else behind the wheel.

Avoid Food and Drink

For at least 12 hours before your reversal procedure, you will be expected to not eat or drink anything. This is for your safety, as you will undergoing a general anesthetic (NHS).

Stop Taking Any Medications

Most providers of vasectomy reversals will ask you to stop taking any medications which may impact the ability to clot for at least ten days prior to your procedure. This is because certain medications like blood thinners, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and others can increase your risk of bleeding during and after the procedure.

If you are unsure whether to stop taking your meds or not before the procedure, ask your microsurgeon directly during your initial appointment.

Take the First Step for Your Vasectomy Reversal in Indiana

At Posterity Health, we have simplified our process of having a vasectomy reversal to educate you and help speed up your timeline to conception. Our staff can schedule your initial consultation for a vasectomy reversal in Indiana within 72 hours and we can book your surgery within a few weeks. After your procedure is done, our team will follow up with you in 6 weeks to ensure everything’s working right “down there” with a semen analysis kit.

Contact us today to schedule your vasectomy reversal consultation with one of our skilled male fertility specialists.

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