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Posterity Health, the only virtual Male Fertility Center of Excellence, has expanded into San Francisco, California. The center provides personalized care, educational resources, and effective treatments for men. Posterity Health provides a range of services including virtual appointments, at-home diagnostics, and in-person consultations to evaluate and enhance a man’s fertility status.

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Supporting Male Fertility in San Francisco, CA

“Expanding into San Francisco helps us continue to drive our mission to bring equity to fertility by providing access to specialized male fertility care to all couples trying to conceive,” said Pam Pure, CEO and co-founder of Posterity Health. “Our goal is to make it easy for males in the Bay Area to receive expert care. This will unite the couple early in their conception journey so everyone can find their best path to pregnancy.”

In San Francisco, Posterity Health is able to provide a range of male fertility services including our Baseline Assessment for males who want to assess their fertility status and the Male Fertility Workup, which provides the next steps for males with an abnormal semen analysis. In addition to these male fertility services, Posterity Health offers a range of Men’s Health solutions, including vasectomies, vasectomy reversals, varicocele repairs, testosterone therapy, hormone management, and second opinions. Patients can receive care via telehealth or at Posterity Health’s new Bay Area location at 1060 Marsh Road, 1st Floor, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Dr. Barrett Cowan, co-founder and chief medical officer of Posterity Health, said, “Dr. Puneet Masson will spearhead our expansion into San Francisco, his passion for male fertility, his academic expertise, and surgical tenure make him the best fit to lead this region for Posterity Health. Dr. Kelly Walker, Medical Director, and myself will support Dr. Masson to serve this region, honoring our commitment to see patients within 72 hours.”

Dr. Puneet Masson is a widely recognized fellowship-trained reproductive urologist who obtained his MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He finished a six-year urology residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical College and later completed an Andrology and Male Fertility fellowship at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“My enthusiasm for individualizing the fertility experience for male patients and their partners is what drew me to male fertility,” said Dr. Masson. “I often take care of men who may be infertile and sub-fertile, including those who have no sperm or low sperm count, and who truly want to be fathers. That is my niche, passion, and academic interest and I love taking care of these patients.”

Dr. Masson emphasizes the importance of conducting a comprehensive assessment of the male patient and works closely with both partners to support their family-building journey. He held the position of Director of Male Fertility at Penn Medicine, where he created the program as part of the combined Penn Fertility Care experience. Dr. Masson has given numerous presentations on the clinical benefits of an integrated clinic at national meetings of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the American Urological Association (AUA).

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Masson, visit our San Francisco page and fill out our contact form.

Posterity Health offers a healthcare experience that is driven by technology. The company provides access to its Digital Health Platform for male patients and their partners, aimed at enhancing and supporting male factor infertility. Our health platform is designed to facilitate communication and provide education to males regarding their role in the conception process, as well as common male fertility diagnoses and treatments.

Dr. Cowan explains, “Male factor infertility impacts over 50% of couples who are having trouble conceiving. It’s more common than people think and it’s often treatable once identified. Expanding into the Bay Area allows us to help more couples and reinforces our commitment to provide the expertise required to help each couple determine their best path to pregnancy.”

About Posterity Health

Posterity Health is the only Male Fertility Center of Excellence. We offer an extensive suite of technology-enabled male fertility services, including at-home diagnostics, virtual visits, and in-person consultations focused on improving a man’s fertility status. Posterity Health seeks to educate, engage, and treat men, shifting the burden of conceiving from solely the woman and creating a unifying experience for the couple.

Posterity Health is committed to making male fertility management a core part of men’s health. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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