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Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs) Collaborates with Posterity Health to provide specialized care for Male Fertility, Sexual Dysfunction and Low-Testosterone

DENVER—(JUNE 28, 2023)– Mark Cuban’s revolutionary mission to make medications more affordable and available becomes more powerful today, as it announces a collaboration with Posterity Health, the leader in Male Fertility and Sexual Health Care. Today, one out of six couples have trouble conceiving and 50 percent of the time a male factor or sperm quality issue is involved. Males typically spend 22 months trying to conceive before they complete a basic fertility assessment. During this time, the couple deals with emotional uncertainty and the female partner is often subjected to unnecessary testing. Posterity Health removes the stigma associated with male fertility, encouraging males to take action earlier in their fertility journey. By aligning with Cost Plus Drugs, males will have access to affordable and effective medications that treat infertility, sexual dysfunction, and low testosterone.

Posterity Health offers access to Reproductive Urologists, a highly specialized group of physicians who diagnose and treat male fertility and other sexual health issues. Posterity Health’s proprietary digital health platform and national network of in-person check points allows them to provide comprehensive male care across the country. Instead of waiting months or skipping treatment all together, patients can assess their fertility status at home and those with male factor conditions can obtain expert care in 72 hours. “Male fertility is truly a men’s health issue. Ten percent of males with an abnormal semen analysis have an undetected or underlying health condition, including an increased risk (two times the risk compared to fertile males) of testicular cancer. Our goal is to make it easy for males to access high quality care in a timely manner,” states Barrett Cowan, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Posterity Health. “In addition to fertility, our fellowship-trained physicians manage other men’s health issues including sexual dysfunction and low-T.” 

“We started Cost Plus Drugs to make medications more affordable and accessible. In addition, we hope to make people healthier and to encourage those impacted by medical conditions to take action,” said Mark Cuban, Founder of Cost Plus Drugs. “It is time to break the stigma around male fertility and men’s sexual health. Treatment for these conditions is often life changing. Working together with Posterity Health, we can help more men receive the care and treatment they need to become healthier fathers.”

Posterity Health services are personal, private, and holistic. They focus on identifying the root cause of each male patient’s medical problem and treating underlying health conditions. “We are focused on breaking the stigma – proactively managing issues that are often ignored or untreated,” shares Pam Pure, CEO and Founder of Posterity Health.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of helping males access affordable medications to help them start and grow their families,” concludes Alex Oshmyansky, CEO of Cost Plus Drugs. “The relationship will allow males with fertility and sexual health conditions to receive the care they require with immediate access to affordable medications.

About Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs) aims to fundamentally change the way the pharmaceutical industry operates. As a public-benefit corporation, its social mission of improving public health is just as important as the bottom line. Cost Plus Drugs transparently charges a standard markup on every drug it sells. The online pharmacy launched in January 2022 now carries over 1,000 prescription products, delivered by mail to thousands of happy customers every day. Cost Plus Drugs is working with health plans, managed-care organizations, pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and self-insured employers to bring these same savings to employer-sponsored benefit plans nationwide.

About Posterity Health

Posterity Health is the only Male Fertility and Men’s Health Center of Excellence. The company provides an extensive portfolio of technology-enabled male fertility services, including at-home diagnostics, virtual visits and in-person consults focused on improving a man’s fertility status. The company seeks to educate, engage, and treat men, shifting the burden of conceiving from solely the woman and creating a unifying experience for the couple.

To learn more, contact Posterity Health today.

Press release originally published on Business Wire.

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